Not back to school!

Today, by rights, I should have woken my cherubs up at 6:30am, got them into their uniforms, madly packed a lunch of some description and put them on the bus for their first day of high school. I also have a funny feeling that Video Boy would have lost his timetable by now and Wombat Girl would have been sadly disappointed to learn place value again in maths.

I Googled "high school classroom" and this is what I found:

Awww... doesn't it look like fun? Smiling, happy kids, with smiling, understanding wonderful teachers and an iPad each! I wish I only had 4-5 kids in my classes when I was teaching, I might have stayed in the profession longer!

And today, quite a few of my friends posted pictures on Facebook of their tweens about to start their first day of high school, all in shiny new uniforms.  So I could have a record of this momentous occasion, here are Video Boy and Wombat Girl on their first day of high school:

Therefore today, in celebration of not having to get up at 6:30am and get into uniforms and on the bus and into a crowded (hot) classroom, and not being overwhelmed and having to relearn stuff we learnt years ago, we went around to our homeschooler friends place and did this instead:

Solving puzzles

Cuddling newborns (for the first time ever!)

Rush hour

Healthy lunch

Swimming (it was very hot here today)

Bit of algebra for Wombat Girl because she asked for it
(it's really hard to come up with equations off the top of your head!)

We rushed home just in time for my chemistry tutee (is that a word?) at 3pm. We were reviewing the periodic table. "What is Ne again?" my tutee asks. "Neon" pipes up Wombat Girl. Guess we had that covered!

All in all, a lovely day and brilliant start to our "high school"!!!

Oh and we'll be joining in the "All Aussie Not Back to School Bloghop!

Our Worldwide Classroom


  1. Wishing you a great not back to school year!

  2. Sounds like our day 3 of term - swimming, skate park scootering, yummy lunch with other hs families...
    May these kind of days continue!
    Yay home school!

  3. Those little suits with the short pants are skeeving me out a little. And I can't even talk about the GREEN CULOTTES. Gah.

    Happy Not Back to School!

    1. Took me a bit to figure out your were talking about the school uniforms!! I'm so slow sometimes :-)

      So glad I don't have to bother with all that ;-)

  4. Hi Ingi, I wanted to invite you to the all Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop. You can see all of the details here -


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