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Out and About in Canberra - Murrumbidgee River Corridor

I've been walking! I've (mostly) kept up my good intentions of my last post and have (nearly) done 10,000 steps every day. I think I've only missed a couple, which is pretty good and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

Mostly, I have just been getting up early(ish) in the morning (I know, right?) and walking on the paths that criss-cross the many parks of Canberra. But one of my other resolutions this year has been to get out and about more and explore this nation's fine capital and all it has to offer. So, with a quick google of walking tracks in Canberra, we packed up the car and headed...about 10 minutes away from home!

I am embarrassed to admit that after living in Canberra for just shy of two years, I had never been to the Murrumbidgee River Corridor! We are now officially inland, as the Mighty Murrumbidgee starts in the Alps to our south and winds sneakily past Canberra's outskirts, before heading west and eventually joining the Murray River. I had drive…


I realise New Year's resolutions are supposed to start on New Year's Day, but I was sick (so sick) on New Year's Day, so it took me well over a week to get into the swing of my annual "I'm too fat, I need to lose weight, let's exercise and diet" rigmarole.

I do this every year. It's probably a good thing, right? Because maybe if I didn't, I would never do the whole "diet/exercise" thing and things would end badly.

I told a colleague I needed to lose weight this week, and apart from saying the obligatory "oh no you don't! You look fine!" comment (she is wrong, I DO need to lose weight and I DON'T look 'fine'), she also made the "don't look at it as a diet or exercise, look at it as staying healthy" line.

Maybe she's right on that one. One thing I did resolve this year was to look after ME better. Mentally and physically, although I do know the two are linked.

So, I inherited Hubby's hand-me-…

But I keep cruisin'

Thank you for the bloggy love! It's nice to know you're out there, hanging off every word.

So I had one blogging request - an update of our recent cruise - I will do this, but it requires me sitting down on my PC to access our Networked Attached Storage (NAS) where all our holiday pics are stored. For some, unknown, stoopid reason, my Chromebook (which is really much more convenient, sitting here on my lap) can't connect to the NAS (sigh, first world problems) and so I'll do that one another day.

But I don't want to lose the whiff of blogging momentum I have, so another request was music I have been listening to recently. I don't listen to as much music as I used to - time, work, blah. I miss running I think because I miss listening to music! Anyhow, on the recent cruise, my brother and did a fair bit of disco dancing and listening to music in the various bars and lounges around the ship.

He's created a playlist of all our favourite songs on iTunes...but I …

I'm back!

Well hello there!

Yes. I do realise it's been a while...

As you may have surmised from my lack of posts/writing/anything that I have been in a bit of blogging slump. I have had much to write (I even have a couple of drafts hiding away in Blogger draftland), but it's been such a big year, I couldn't bring myself to press "publish". That stuff is too personal to share with the interwebs - I'd share it with you, of course, but this stuff is "out there" in the public domain too and it just felt too...I just couldn't.

But, new year and all that and inspired a bit by A Peaceful Day's post, I think I might dip my toe back in blogging land!

Because I miss blogging. I miss chatting to you guys (whoever the hell you are). I miss musing. And at least two of you miss me because you told me! There is just something about writing and photos and putting it out there semi-regularly that appeals. I think about my blog often, even if I haven't written or p…