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This is us:

Ingi - that's me! A 40-something Aussie mum of two. I am just muddling my way through this life; parenting, working, living. Sometimes I even try to look after myself by eating well and running.

Video Boy - that's my son. He's 16 going on 46. And "old soul" in a young man's body. Although he's extremely bright, he also struggles with a lot of things you and I take for granted. He's currently in full teen mode, but still gives me a hug, so there's that.

Wombat Girl - that's my daughter. She's 15, and growing up before my eyes. She's extremely bright as well, but sometimes her brain works too quick for the rest of us and sometimes too much. I give her hugs frequently because that helps.

Hubby - he's my husband (just in case you were wondering). He's a pretty private person, but sometimes I can't help but mention him or he photobombs us.

Max - that's his real name. I can use his real name because he's a labradoodle. His speech is a bit delayed and he can't catch, but he makes up for those deficits by giving lots of licks and a great tail wag.

You may be wondering why I've called my blog "Defying Gravity". It's true - I confess! I am a Wicked fan! I have been lucky enough to win tickets in the Wicked lottery twice and watched the show from the front row for a fraction of the price.

Before we were homeschooling, back when we were travelling an hour each way to go to school, the kids and I often listened to the Wicked soundtrack in the car. Even Video Boy enjoyed the play on words and the storyline. Wombat Girl LOVED it and I was so happy to take her to see the show too, in July 2010. Around this time, we started questioning what we were going to about schooling. We started to seriously considering homeschooling. The lyrics of the showstopper "Defying Gravity" absolutely resonated with me. Here was this gifted, different and misunderstood character deciding to take another path:

Something has changed within me 
Something is not the same 
I'm through with playing by the rules 
Of someone else's game 
Too late for second-guessing 
Too late to go back to sleep 
It's time to trust my instincts 
Close my eyes: and leap! 

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/defying-gravity-lyrics-wicked.html ]

We may not be homeschooling (at the moment), but we are still trying to trust our instincts and do the best we can.


  1. I was so excited to find your blog, you see, I am a big Wicked fan too!! And my blogs name is Defying Gravity also!!

    I guess we have a lot in common. I first saw Wicked from the 10th row in Chicago in 2007. Then the show came to Kansas City in 2009 and I won the lottery 5 times!! I know you know how that feels, it is so hard to watch from even the 6th row after you have sat in the 1st row! It's almost like we were in the show!

    Anyhow, I love your blog and I'm so glad homeschooling is going well for you. Please read my blog, although I have to warn you, I have not updated since January, but I aim to do it soon!



  2. Thank you Maureen! We really do feel unlimited by homeschooling! And once you've sat in the front row, there's no going back, is there? I LOVED the moment at the end of Defying Gravity where all those beams of light shone down and we were enveloped in them! We felt like we would be swept up by them too - I'm not ashamed to admit to a little tear of emotion!

    I will pop on over - couldn't miss a blog with such a great name :-)

  3. Dear Homeschoolers,
    I wrote this huge letter to you but during the verification process it deleted it. I have two boys 7 and 3 g-kids (our code for gifted children). Your story is mine. you are the first homeschooling Mum I have heard of homeschooling g-kids in Australia. Feeling a bit isolated have moved to a small town (our dream finally comes true) and I am not having a winge but you start the whole "why are you homeschooling saga". We have been homeschooling for 18months and can't imagine going back, so that means the long haul for me. would love to chat your blog is awesome!!!!!

    1. Hi Errol/Possum - your other huge comment showed up under "Why We Homeschool" - I've got Blogger set up so I have to moderate older posts/pages - my attempt to control spam!

      I left some hints for you at that post - but there are a few of us homeschoolers who are doing it for our gifted kids around. A small town does make it hard though.

      Thanks for commenting and hope you see you around the posts!

  4. Dear Ingi,
    I have just come across your lovely blog and read about you and the kids.
    Congratulations on doing what it takes to educate your children through homeschooling. Quite a few of my patients have followed the same route for many reasons and I have to say its been good for them. It takes a special courageous and loving mum though.
    just wanted to give you a thumbs up.

  5. Hi Ingi, we're a 2e home ed family from Melbourne :) I used to have a blog where I spoke about this more but deleted it quite a while ago and since then stopped reading a lot of home ed blogs, as I found myself getting a bit too distracted. Our 'school for the gifted' (I had to laugh when I read what you were told!) is our homeschooling life :) My blog hasn't really discussed home ed so far but I'm changing that now, I miss home ed related blogging!

    1. Getting distracted - I'm good at that (as you will note from the lack of posts of late. Yep - our "school for the gifted" is at home now too :-) Best thing we ever did!

  6. Argh, not sure if my previous comment went through! If it did, I'll hopefully see it soon :P

    1. Because the post is old, it goes through to "pending publication" - anyway - here you are!

  7. Hi Ingi,

    How funny that all the times you've given me such interesting and helpful comments on my blog, I've never even realised that I could click on you and find your blog! I'm so excited to catch up on finding out all about you and your homeschooling and family! I'm the biggest Wicked fan ever... just saying... ;)


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