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Regular readers will know I've started a bit of a health kick and have been doing the Couch to 5K program.

It started when I read on Facebook that a group of teachers I did Bootcamp with a couple of years ago entered their first triathlon. I found this depressing because if I had have kept up with my fitness, I could have been with them. Instead I was about 10kg heavier than when I finished bootcamp.

Then I went to the movies with a colleague I worked with last year. She had lost nearly 9kg by going to the gym and eating well and drinking less. She looked fantastic and just...glowing.

And I was watching the Dog Whisperer - and I knew I had to spend some more time exercising my dog. So we went for a walk using his methods of being "pack leader" and it was enjoyable - he wasn't pulling at the lead!

These things intersected and I knew it was "time" to get better health wise. So I dusted of my Couch to 5K app on my iPhone that I attempted last year and started runn…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 13

In my life this week… I have been tutoring!  Word of mouth spreads quickly and I am doing 2-3 hours of maths, science and chemistry tutoring every afternoon.
Up to Week 9 in C25K - I can proudly say I can run for 30 minutes without stopping! I "graduate" on Sunday! This running bizzo has made such a difference to my life and I can safely say I'm addicted and will keep going.
In our homeschool this week… Lots of maths - volume, converting units of volume, area of triangles.  I'm really proud of the kids' maths. They (for the most part) handle the more difficult questions I set for them and Wombat Girl is working around 3 years ahead. It is rewarding to see them being challenged at just the right level!

Poetry - we did some poetry exercises from Creating Poetry. Now I have to say poetry is NOT one of Video Boy's favourite things, but he loved the "train of thought" exercise! Still working on re-drafting and then editing those initial idea starters. I promi…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 12

In my life this week… Went to see Water for Elephants at the movies! I loved the book and spent a very pleasant couple of hours watching Robert Pattinson on the big screen. I'm easily pleased!

I had also booked in with a couple of girlfriends and my mum to a "long table lunch" at the local seafood restaurant Bannisters (which is truly a yummy dining experience with glorious views up the coast).  For Australian readers, you will be familiar with Wendy Harmer and Jessica Rowe, who are both promoting books and who were the guests at the lunch.
Well, I was getting dressed and most excited to be doing something so "grown up" when a migraine, complete with flashing aura, hit. Not happy Jan!  The headache lasted two full days. I managed to get through the lunch with large doses of paracetamol and champagne. But it spoiled an otherwise lovely day.  BTW - I went to high school with Jessica and she recognised me! Brush with fame :-)
After my headache subsided, I was back to …


Life is full of decisions. What to wear? What to have to breakfast? Watch Sunrise or Today? And most of these decisions don't have a lot riding on the outcome, because the options are just variations of the same theme.

But some decisions are biggies. Should we try for a baby? Should we move house? What school should I send my kids to? Should we homeschool our kids? Should I quit my job?

These decisions affect your life. The outcomes of these decisions impact the day to day. They affect our future and affect our memories. 

But the tricky thing is, that you can keep down the same path and you have a rough idea of the outcome. This is a "non-decision". In not changing things, you are deciding that you can handle the status quo. If you decide to take the path not taken, you don't know what is going to happen. You can guess, you can research and make lists of pros and cons, but ultimately it's a risk. 

So that's the decision - stay with the known, safe option. Or take…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 11

In my life this week… I took the final step and told my principal that I would not be returning to school. Wow. A big decision, but one that has been a long time coming. Now the world opens up with a whole range of possibilities!
Still running....
In our homeschool this week… The kids got right into EvacU8 from Windy Towers - a maths/logic game.  Every spare minute was spent solving the problems so that they could print out and build a 3D model.  The only problem was the base for the model was on the box...which we don't have!  Much disappointment ensued :-(

We did "real" maths too - working on perimeter this week.

We also got going on energy, although Video Boy astounds me with his seemingly innate knowledge of science content:  " I know how if you go below the Earth's mantle it is hotter, you could use that to heat water and turn a turbine to create electricity..." - the guy just "invented" geothermal energy!

We then went for an "ener…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 10

In my life this week…It's been a big week for me.  I have posted before how difficult I find teaching.  It seems to have come to a point where I have decided to quit my job as a high school science teacher.  The school is still trying to convince me to do otherwise, but I think the words of my wise 10 year old daughter say it all...."Don't go back Mummy, you are so much happier at home with us" and my smart 11 year old son "You can find another way to make some money".  
While I believe I am a good teacher and I do form good relationships with the kids I teach, the contrast between what we achieve at home and the "system" is too great.  My health is also faltering, with very high blood pressure and all the risks that that entails.  I guess I'd rather be happy than make other people happy.
On the plus side, I'm still running!  No more walking intervals for me now - just building up my endurance to get to the goal of running 5km without stoppi…