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Start at the beginning (a very good place to start!)

I have my running "L" plates on - I'm a beginning runner. Hopefully one day, I will be able to blog I've run in half marathons or marathons and have been going for a few years. Until then, this is my journey from walker to runner!

My running journey started when I read on Facebook that a group of teachers I did Bootcamp with a couple of years ago entered their first triathlon. I found this depressing because if I had have kept up with my fitness, I could have been with them. Instead I was about 10kg heavier than when I finished bootcamp.

Then I went to the movies with a colleague I worked with last year. She had lost nearly 9kg by going to the gym and eating well and drinking less. She looked fantastic and just...glowing.

And I was watching the Dog Whisperer - and I knew I had to spend some more time exercising my dog. So we went for a walk using his methods of being "pack leader" and it was enjoyable - he wasn't pulling at the lead!

These things intersecte…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 17

In my life this week… Been burning stuff! I got a new brazier (fire pit) and it was a nice night, so we gathered wood left over from various building projects and sat around, listening to music on the iPod, drinking wine (not the kids!). A very nice night.
Been skiing! We promised Wombat Girl that we would go skiing this year and so we snuck in a couple of days down at Perisher, staying at the Station, before it got too expensive (it's early season here). It snowed at Jindabyne, which is pretty cold!
Been moving! Not us (thank goodness) - my Mum is moving (happily) into a retirement village and I helped pack up and move her. Love her new unit and I hope she'll be very happy there. Good to spend time with my brother too! In our homeschool this week… We have been on a P.E. excursion to the snow! Well, if they can do it at high school, why not homeschool? It's been a couple of years since the kids went skiing. Video Boy tried to take up where he left off - at reasonably high speed…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 16

In my life this week… Back into the running after a short break to give my sore calves a rest. I found a new program - Ease Into 10K, which means after 10 weeks, I should be able to run for 60 minutes without stopping (say what!?). I'm a fairly slow runner, so I don't think I'll be doing 10km in 60 minutes, but it's good to have goals!

One of the local churches has an annual Queens Birthday long weekend book sale. I got a few cheap resources for homeschooling:

but the real find of the day was a whole box of Agatha Christie novels!!! 

My hubby was almost beside himself with excitement and there was a PG Wodehouse that he didn't have as well!
In our homeschool this week… Some homeschoolers I "know" plan out their entire year's activities and curriculum and resources a year in advance. Apart from wishing I was that organised, I definitely fall into eclectic homeschooling camp - I have what we might achieve set out in school terms (listed against NSW Board of S…


A lot of people when confronted with the word "gifted" often think of amazingly talented, early developers - Mozart, Euler, Picasso, Tiger Woods and even Michael Jackson.
A prodigy (or possibly more correctly, child prodigy) is "someone who, at an early age, masters one or more skills far beyond their level of maturity". The media loves them - they are a curiosity and they especially love the stories of those who soar high in childhood, only to "level out" or dramatically "drop out" in adolescence or adulthood.

“The skill of being a child prodigy is the skill of mastering something already invented,” she says. “The skill of being a major creative adult requires innovation, rebelliousness, dissatisfaction with the status quo.” No matter the field, the leap from child prodigy to adult genius is rare. While prodigies often become experts, they often fall short of developing into major innovators, explains Ellen Winner, professor of psychology at Bosto…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 15

In my life this week… Winter is upon us! Much colder this week, although it never gets really cold here on the coast. But time for throw rugs and reverse cycle air-con in reverse.
After finishing C25K, I have found I have very sore calves after running and it has slowed my progress. After reading up on strained calves, I've been stretching, icing and stationary biking. 
In our homeschool this week… We focussed much on maths/science than english/history/geography this week. No reason, just the way we flowed!
More geometry in maths - types of triangles, 
quadrilaterals, polygons and polyhedra - do you know what the difference is? The kids were quite engrossed in constructing various polyhedra from their nets:
I will leave constructing and deducing angles until we've done some algebra. Looking into Life of Fred to supplement our maths work, as both the kids learn well by reading.
We moved onto Electrical Energy in science. Loved Bill Nye's Electricity and Static Electricity videos! W…

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 14

In my life this week… A bit quieter (yay) - but I did pop up to Sydney to meet up with work colleagues from 15 years ago. It was fabulous to see people I haven't seen for years - most haven't changed at all. Got to stay with my brother and had a fab night out drinking cocktails and eating tapas and chatting!
A teacher I worked with last year passed away yesterday from cancer. She has two little girls. She was an inspirational lady who lived with such vitality, love and care. A reminder to take care of the things that are really important in your life.
In our homeschool this week… My kids just amaze me what what they already know - I had a whole bunch of days planned out doing angles, but they already were on top of most of it - types of angles, measuring and constructing angles - and totally got complementary and supplementary angles.
Had a great time looking at heat energy. We watched Absolute Zero - the Conquest of Cold, did more experiments and tried to make our own thermometers…