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Back to school - the good bits

It's been quite the big decision to stop homeschooling and send my kids back to "real" school. I had/have mixed feelings about it, but we are taking it one day, one week at a time and going in with very clear expectations of what it will be like - the good and the bad bits.

So do you want the good news or the bad news, I ask? And don't wait for an answer - because we all want the good news first.
No more prepping school work! As an ex-teacher, I didn't mind putting together "curriculum" and learning plans and getting resources and books that I thought would work for us. When I wasn't working, that is! Trying to work full-time AND keep the kids up to date with interesting engaging school work/learning activities AND trying to manage a household AND trying to look after me, really wasn't working. I managed, but I can't say I did a great job in the last year and the kids really just got the basics and lots of worksheets and textbooks. They may …

Oh neato! Another Peruvian flute band!

"How's your week been?" asks the shop assistant at the  local BWS (Beer, Wine and Spirits).

"Oh fantastic, there has been a Peruvian flute band playing all week in the shopping centre I work in" I reply, enthusiastically.

"Oh neato! I love those Peruvian pan flute bands! What songs did they play?" she enquired.

"Great tracks, timeless classics, like Sounds of Silence, Unchained Melody and in a tip to greatness, ABBA's Chiquitita and Fernando" I reply, enthusiastically.

"I love that music, it all sounds so distinctive and not at all repetitive!" the BWS lady replied.

"Totally," I agree. "They could play that music all day, at loud volume, so I can't hear my clients or the phone ringing, but I wouldn't mind, because it's soulful, mindful music!"

"Yes!" she exclaimed!

"In fact, I could listen to it multiple times a day, over and over again, both live and pre-recorded, like on a CD!&qu…

What's happening?

When in doubt, copy your neighbour's work - so I'm copying Mrs Woog's blog and letting you in on the Secret Life of Ingi:

Making: a new blog post!

Cooking: Slow cooked pork belly for extended family (recipe snaffled from here - I put the oven on about 140C and cook it even slower)

Drinking: coffee and believe it or not, significantly reduced wine

Reading: just about to start Cathy Kelly's It Started with Paris)

Wanting: another day off, please

Looking: for the next holiday option

Playing: Uno with Wombat Girl!!

Wasting: time on the computer (I call it "me" time!)

Sewing: bahahahaha!

Wishing: that the you-beaut iron I bought actually ironed the pile by itself

Enjoying: if I'm being really honest, quiet time today with the kids not at home

Waiting: for the kids to get home from school

Liking: my slow cooked pork belly - it was delicious!

Wondering: what I want to be when I grow up

Loving: Not being at work today

Hoping: the kids will be OK at school (today, this week, this…

First week back at school - a wrap-up!

This was the week, people!! Our first day back at "school"!!!

The day dawned overcast and cool, in Australia's national capital. But the kids were up to the task. Alarms were set. Alarms went off. And a bunch of tired, weary, people staggered about the kitchen looking for breakfast. And that was just the parents! Having teens added to the mix was just more fun!

I had organised uniforms. Packed lunchboxes. Supervised packing of the school bags. Ordered bus passes. We were set!

But first, the dreaded "first day back at school photo shoot". The kids were less than impressed, but I haven't done this in 5 years, so they had to cut me a little slack :-)

Don't they look handsome??? Apart from the fact that Video Boy needs a shave?

Now we need to stop for a minute and think about the family member who this back to school business is going to impact most on - Max. Poor Maxie-doodles will be HOME ALONE all day! Poor bub doesn't know what's in store.

And …

P&O Australian Open Tennis Cruise!

Hey Blogosphere!

I need to get this post out there because tomorrow is the BIG day. More on that later...but first! Cruising!

So, I have this new career in travel. I originally applied for a position in Cruiseabout, because I thought to myself "I could totally sell cruises all day long", but they filled that and asked "would you like to work for Escape Travel instead?" and I thought "um, no, but ok". So nearly a year later, I am working for Escape Travel. And I am DAMN GOOD at selling cruising, because, duh, I love to cruise and I love helping novice and experienced cruisers find their way out onto the open ocean.

I'm so good at selling cruising that little ol' me made it into the Top 20 sellers of P&O Australia!!! Mind you, I have about 74 ukelele players and their friends and family signed up for a big ukelele group cruise, which really got me over the line, but I sold them on the concept!

And so, P&O decided this year, for the first year, t…