Family, friends and fun

We popped up to Sydney on the weekend for a flying visit to see my Hubby's family. We run late on Christmas every year because that is our busiest time of the year for our business. The relo's get a kick out of seeing the kids (especially when they are growing rather rapidly!).

Video Boy loves his Grandma 
Video Boy and Wombat Girl love their Uncle J 
We're all in this together...

Wombat Girl plays Articulate with her Grandma
 (new cochlear implants made the world of difference!)

Board games! Wombat Girl was very happy!

A few years back, we took a family photograph and we were amazed at how much the kids had grown, so we had to "recreate" it to compare:

January 2006

February 2012

On the way home, popped into long-time friends' house. Video Boy only has three close friends, one of whom lives in Sydney - they are like peas in a pod and get on a like a house on fire:

Then on the way home, we popped into my mum's where my Auntie and Uncle (who have bought a boat and live on it in Queensland) were staying:

Video Boy and Uncle H
It was a busy 24 hours, but it was nice to catch up with everyone! Loving "socialisation"!!!!


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