Finding our groove

Well, it's Week 3, Term 1 in "school-land" and we've been easing our way into something resembling some kind of routine.

Most mornings have included maths. Some mornings a few algebra questions. My "new" method of just writing out a few choice questions in their books, rather than be faced with a whole worksheet of questions with lines crossing out what I don't want them to do, is working much better. So is just working with one child at a time for maths - much like tutoring):

Other mornings watching some Algebra I episodes (which around here become fully interactive!):

Ignore my messy loungeroom - it's the kids!

We enjoy these as we can pause, rewind, fast-forward (yes! we speed through at 1.5x when he gets too boring!).

We are also working (as promised in our "plan of action") on our persuasive writing skills. I was planning on doing this after a year of narrative writing, but it also nicely coincides with the NAPLAN writing component. We've decided to do NAPLAN this year as the kids actually enjoy doing the exams (weirdo nerd homeschoolers!) and especially as we can do them at home, rather than sitting at the back of a hall of some high school they've never been to.

And practising our dictionary and thesaurus skills!

One of the exercises we did was looking at something from someone else's point of view. They each wrote a paragraph from the point of view of a fairy tale "villian". Wombat Girl (who always likes to think outside the square and probably would not have been allowed to do this in school) chose "the wall" from Humpty Dumpty:

Here I was, just a standing wall, when some egg comes and sits on top of me! The impertinence of it! So I did what any self-respecting wall would do and, very gently, tilted him off. Unfortunately I forgot the fact that it was an egg and he broke. Horses and men bearing the royal seal came, but once an egg has broken it's staying that way. Broken. Sorry 'bout that egg.

He he! Nice imagination and pretty well written!

Afternoons have been more free-flowing and have included painting that volcano we made back in September last year...

Get out of the road, Video Boy!
Now I have to go buy some clear lacquer/varnish so the paint doesn't run when we bubble and froth!

Catching up on Minute Physics (we especially enjoyed the VomitPhysics one):

Helping design, measure and build a cubby house (which may morph into a chook shed later on if I get my way!):

I'm not sure how that's helping, but he was having fun!

Making patterns with magnets...

More Peter Pan and Wendy and much novel reading!

A renewed enthusiasm for Little Big Planet 2:

And some board games to round out the video games:

So after all that, stay tuned for next week's NBTS Bloghop "A Day in a Life" - I might pick Friday...Friday looks like it's gonna be a fun day (get my camera at the ready)!


  1. Hi. I contacted the qld home ed unit re completing the naplan tests at home and they said we can't. So unfair... We won't be bothered doing it as I don't think my son would be keen completing them at the local state school. Anyhoo, we might just do one of the old tests at home instead :)

    1. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with NAPLAN - I think it's because the State Ed dept's administer it and they obviously have different rules. Apparently you can't do it in Victoria either...

  2. Hi! 2 things: First, I love your furniture and floor. Second, what's the algebra video the kiddos are watching? Great blog -- thank you!!

    1. First - thank you! We sanded the floor and then bought the rug to cover it up. The furniture is carefully purchased to fit into a small space! Second - it's the Algebra I DVD from the Great Courses people. I'll go back and edit and put the link in. Only buy when it's on special though!

  3. Love the Milk Man!
    Will subscribe to that channel : )
    Loving your learning space too!

    1. Milk man is pretty cool! Oh and I just realised that this week's theme on the NBTS bloghop is learning space (not Day in A Life that I just photographed!). Oh well.


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