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Introducing my students!

Joining in with Kylie and the All Aussie Not Back to School Bloghop!

Our Worldwide Classroom

I have to reiterate how glad we all are to be not going back to school. All the back-to-school ads, uniforms, school shoes, stress, timetables, worksheets, busywork, homework, forms, lunch boxes, running late, tired kids - you can have it!  In it's place we have confident learners (well, most of the time), relaxed household, discussions, friends, family, interesting work, challenging work, caring mum (well, most of the time!), cuddles and love. Yes - lot's of love! That's one thing you don't get at school in spades.

Anyway, this week's theme is to introduce my kids to you! As luck would have it, we spent the majority of today writing "profiles" of ourselves and then of each other, as part of our persuasive writing. So, I'm all set for this!

So, if you are new, or just wanted to know more than you thought you wanted to know, read on!

Video Boy - currently aged 12

Has hyper-mobile joints - great party trick!
What can I tell you about my boy?
  • on the brink of teenage-dom (but truth be told, has been like that for over a decade)
  • nearly as tall as his mum (but not quite - not yet)
  • exceptionally gifted, smart as a whip, Mastermind-like general knowledge
  • science-nut
  • voracious reader
  • wicked sense of humour
  • wonderful actor
  • brilliant gamer (video games that is, hence the nickname...)
  • creative imagination and great cartooner
  • empathetic, kind and a wonderful hugger
  • stunningly uncoordinated and disorganised (has motor dyspraxia)
  • struggles to focus on schoolwork (a joy for his mother)
  • hates putting thoughts on paper (or computer for that matter)
  • sensitive, anxious and tender
  • the perfect son for me!

Wombat Girl - currently aged 11
Not her real antlers...

My beautiful girl! How do you solve a problem like Wombat Girl?
  • entering tween-time, but in essence is still a little girl who is not that keen on growing up (existential woes!)
  • on the 1st percentile in height for much of her life, but is now catching up to her peers (and growing out of her clothes - oooh, shopping!)
  • exceptionally gifted, enquiring mind, see-er of patterns, linker of concepts
  • maths-nerd
  • voracious reader
  • beautiful soul, kind, caring, sensitive to the needs of others
  • brilliant logic and excellent puzzle solver
  • board-game addict
  • budding musician
  • collector of stuffed animals
  • potential hoarder (struggles to throw out a piece of old paper)
  • sensitive, anxious and tender
  • the perfect daughter for me!
Join us next week when we reveal our grand plans for the year! (crap - I'd better make some now!)


  1. ROFL!!! Seriously I was thinking the same thing about my plans when I did this first post.....I still haven't written anything down lol

    Thanks for joining in with the hop :-)

    1. The hop is fun! And I'm working on it (kinda, sorta)

  2. hahahahaa I'm coming back to see them now! lol

    1. Oh crap! Now I REALLY have to come up with something!

  3. Haha. They sound like wonderful students!

    1. They are wonderful! Wonderful students??? Mmm...not sure about that!

  4. Kylie ... Hope that post has been written :)

    Loved reading about your kids brought back many memories of my older two at that age !


    1. It's dawning on me that they are growing up fast and I'd better enjoy these days at home while I can!

  5. Lovely to meet you and your learners!

  6. Ingi
    What a clear picture of your children you painted:) Such eager learners.

    1. Ahh - thank you Erin for reminding me that they DO love to learn (it doesn't feel like that some days!)

  7. Eeeekk! VB's arm has freaked me out... Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'll have to show you what I can do with my elbows one day!

  8. It is lovely to meet you through the bloghop! I hope you have a wonderful year of home schooling ahead!

  9. Funny!! My blogging is now 'incredibly boring'. Your sense of humour is great and I am happy that the plan of the year ahead is not so formal yet. Not according to the HEU though :)

    1. So glad we are in NSW - I'm scared of the HEU! Thank you for your lovely comment - although I assure you I'm not that funny all the time (just ask my kids!)

  10. Lovely portraits Ingi...
    now I better get my virtual skates on and do this too (if I'm not already too late!)

    1. Thanks Tracey! Loved reading yours too :-)


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