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It's a dog's life!

Well. Now you all know the REAL me. And I haven't had a mass exodus of followers....phew.

And you are getting to know Video Boy and Wombat Girl (and Hubby, who makes the odd "guest" appearance now and then). But another member of our family who hasn't properly been introduced is Max, our 3 year old black labradoodle!

We waited a long time as a family before we got a dog. First, we wanted to own our own home (one with a big enough backyard) and second, we needed to be "ready" to undertake the responsibility. And it is a big responsibility looking after a canine that relies on you for their well-being.

We searched the animal shelters, only to find half-breed rottweilers and pit bull/staffies. Whilst those are OK for experienced dog people and for those willing to put in a lot of time, we felt they weren't suitable for our two "dog nervous" kids. There were also lots of little "yap" dogs. No thanks.

I should point out at this point I am a cat person. Never had a dog before, only cats. My Hubby is a dog person. Owned several labradors and german shepherds. Hates cats. Hence why I don't have a cat (waiting for the divorce or passing away before I can go there...LOL). But I was willing to give this dog thing a go. In fact, I was excited!

So we ended up in the pet shop. Max was the last one left of his litter and was 10 weeks old - getting "left on the shelf". I had no real idea about puppy farms at that stage, so it may be that he was from a puppy farm. I think they should be outlawed.

Anyway, we picked him up. Set him down and had a look at him. He would come home with us and he would be called "Max".

He has changed our lives!! My girl has gone from being terrified of dogs to adoring them (perhaps too much). He has helped my boy become much more comfortable with live animals. He has taught them the responsibility of having a pet (feeding, cleaning up after them, exercising them etc).

We nearly lost him when we was about 9 months old. He got a paralysis tick, which are very prevalent around here. I woke up and he couldn't walk. On reflection, he was a bit wobbly on the legs the afternoon before. I found a huge, swollen tick under his collar. We took him to the vet, he had two lots of anti-venom and came as close as you can to death and still be alive. During this I had to go away on a school camp, with limited phone contact - it was a very stressful time. Luckily he pulled through, but it took him a while to get over it.

I have taken to Max like a duck to water...or something like that! He is my boy. I groom him (special brushes to de-mat the fur, wash him, Wahl clippers), run with him, take him to Dog Club, train him.

He was a handful to walk - I hurt my shoulder because he pulled so much. But thanks to Cesar Milan and a halti collar, the "walk" has been transformed and he is now the best behaved boy. So much so, I can take him on my runs (he loves them).

And so he is a part of our lives. He can be a pain. He has a sensitive stomach (with the ensuing mess). He barks at passers by and a knock at the door. 

But he completes our family! He is our best friend and we love him to bits. We couldn't imagine life without him! 


  1. Wow! Our doggies stories are so similar! I have a golden doodle who we took in from a home who could not longer care for him. He (Jake) was just 4 months old and a big fluff ball of love. He almost died from ingesting a large piece of rug (at his former owners home) that unraveled and worked itself around his intestines. He had emergency surgery which saved his life but left him with a sensitive stomach! He also pulls and we could not walk him without the gentle lead. Our dogs are our two extra kids. I cannot imagine our family without them. My dog Daphne, on my blog today, is about 11 (we think....we took her in too) and is starting to age. But I just don't think about it.

    Enjoy your fluff ball of love!
    Jess @ Teachable Moments

    1. Awww - I really want a golden doodle! I'm so tempted to get another one...Wow - we do have similar stories! I'm off to check out Daphne now :-)

  2. Same situation here, hubby hates cats. I grew up with them. Waiting for major life change before I ever have a cat.

    Unlike you, the one and only dog we've had was not a particularly good experience for me.

    Thanks for the introduction. I'm glad he's such a complement to your family.

    1. "Waiting for a major life change" - well, that's a nicer way of putting it! What a pity your dog experience was not a good one. Hubby says that Max is "the best dog ever" - he really is a lovely boy. We are very lucky.

  3. Max is beautiful. I'm at the point in my life where I can no longer imagine life without a dog. Also, I'm catching up on posts, and I loved your last one. I try to occasionally throw out my imperfections on my blog, and then try to focus on the positive the rest of the time. It's kind of therapeutic, and I think we can all relate. We won't have the same 'imperfections', but it's refreshing to acknowledge to each other (and ourselves) that they are there. My list could go on...and on... :)

    1. If anything ever happens to Max (it may be my big chance to get a CAT!!!), we will have to replace him!!!

      Yep. No-one is perfect and it's nice every now and then to remind people of that (judging by the response to the post!).

  4. Awwww......he is so freaking adorable! How do you stand it? Love the pictures, especially the taking over the bed one and the one where he looks ever so smiley. I have always been a dog person although I get along with cats really well too. I would love to have one but my daughter keeps pet rats so not sure. Having said this. The rat plays with my other daughters chihuahua when she comes to visit so maybe if I got a kitten as opposed to a grown cat? HMMM Do you think hubby would notice? LOL (he says NO MORE PETS) Just so happens my friend has a lovely new litter almost ready to go to new homes. LOL

    1. NO MORE PETS!! Mmmm - that is why the guinea pig remains alone (sniff) and Max does not have a playmate.

      He IS adorable, isn't he? The balance between spoiling and being "alpha dog" is a fine one!


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