Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More "lazy" days!

I am always amazed at what learning occurs when you aren't "schooling".

Lateral thinking with the Big Book of Frame Games:

Stuggling Persisting with the jigsaw from hell...

Constructing Meccano (kids were most upset when I told them I was taking their finished products into our shop as demo's to help sell the stack of Meccano boxes)...

Sometimes entire days of reading, not even bothering to get out of our pjs...

With Wilbur...

Reconstructing lyrics from the end-credits of Portal 2 using magnetic poetry...

Learning the rules of cricket.

Starting some computer programming with WiBit

Introduction to Computer Programming

I have been busy working for National Parks! Making and flying kites...

Do you love my new office? I do!!

Identifying snakes...

It's a golden crowned snake!
Discovering rockpools, fossils and dolphin watching...

Watching goannas and roos...

And more swimming!
Sometimes I think we gained an extra daughter - the girl from next door!
Loving summer...

Hey, I was just looking through my "labels" and I realised that I have never used the word "school"! He he.


  1. Pajamas all day...yay!

    I think you may have my dream job. A couple years ago I started contemplating what I should do with my life when I am finished homeschooling my boys. Park naturalist was near the top of the list. When I read your posts about your job, I'm pretty sure I need to be pursuing that possibility!

    1. I am pretty happy about my job - great office and nicely combines my environmental background with teaching. And it's part-time in the holidays which fits in perfectly with homeschooling. I'm a happy girl!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the Frame Games. They are a hit around here.

    I think the most meaningful learning happens during the summer. The monkey is off my shoulder and everything is more relaxed.

    1. They are currently living next to the toilet...perfect place for contemplation!! LOL :-)

      I love that thought about the monkey off my shoulder - no "I should be doing more"!!!

  3. Oooh - threaded comments! Yay! OOooh - Blogger letting me post comments again! Yay!


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