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What d'ya reckon?

Dear loyal readers,

I have been seriously re-considering my blog. No! Don't panic (as if you were). I'm not getting rid of it. Just considering the shape of things to come.

It started out as a little experiment in the world of blogging. Dipping my toe in, keeping a record of our homeschooling. It's grown a little since then and I frequently find myself letting you in on other aspects of my life.

I also have another blog - One Foot In Front Of The Other, in which I attempt sporadically to keep fit and tell roughly 5 people about it. Go check it out - I'm funny (or at least I amuse myself)!

I love my very loyal readers who read every post and I love that you comment nearly every post too :-) (who doesn't love comments?) and I try pretty hard to keep up to date on your blogs too and add my two cents worth.

However, I am wondering (and this is the bit where I need your help) if I need to expand my blogging horizons:
  1. I kind of stole the name "Defying Gravity" from a show that rhymes with Wicked without checking with them first if it was OK. This doesn't always sit comfortably with me, although the concept behind the name and what it stands for is still valid.  Do you think I should consider a less stolen, more generic, but still informative blog name?
  2. I'm enjoying blogging about what I cooked this weekend, our renovations, the Grammar Police and other non-homeschooling/gifted things. It's the real me and I love sharing it with you. But I don't know how you feel about it (and the stats are rather useless in this regard). Maybe you are bored silly with photos of my lemons. Would you like to see me blog about things other than homeschooling and gifted children and spread out to "family" on a more regular basis?
  3. My blog design has had a couple of positive comments, but it's not as groovy as I'd like it to be. I'm thinking it could stand a facelift. Would you freak out if I changed the blog design?
I'm trying to mentally work out where I would like this blog to be headed. Do I want it to grow or am I happy with my loyal band of merry mums (and relatives)? Am I ready for the bigtime and is it ready for me? (oh wait, I stole another song - that one's from the Muppet Movie).

So lay it on me, baby - tell me what you really think about my blog!

Yours sincerely,


  1. Ingi
    re 1- your name has to be something you are comfortable with. that you feels identifies you, btw I've never heard of the show.
    re 2- I love reading a mish-mash, your lemons, hsing, gramar polic etc oh and gifted kids (haven't told you about a project I have in the works re hsing highschoolers and considering what you have shared about gifted kids has played a part in my outline. stay in tune) so short answer to no 2, yes love to read it all.
    re 3- no freak at all, I occasionally change mine. like spring cleaning the house

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Erin! I will await to find out your project! And Wicked is a beautiful show - full of deep thoughts about good vs evil, popular opinion, people's perceptions, feeling different.

  2. 1) If your blog name is itching at the back of your neck, then change it. I think that's perfectly valid.

    1a) I can't think of anything that rhymes with wicked and it's annoying me. Alas, I am too lazy to try harder.

    2) I like reading about people's WHOLE lives. Blogs that only talk about one thing are never my favorites, and I think the general advice of "pick a niche and never deviate from it" is a bunch of hooey.

    2a) I don't like hooey.
    2b) My kids aren't gifted, but I enjoy reading about the challenges of gifted children, and you have opened my eyes to what Gifted really is.

    3) I am not going to freak out. I read in a reader anyway, unless I am clicking over to comment.

    1. Where did my reply go??

      1) I love that you do the list thing too :-)
      2) Come to think of it, I can't think of anything that rhymes with wicked either
      3) Hooey - I don't know anyone who uses the word "hooey"
      4) Thank you for your insightful, carefully list thoughts :-)

  3. Here are the reasons I read your blog -

    1. I like you (which includes your lifestyle, home, family, etc)
    1. You homeschool in a way I admire
    2. You give me good ideas on the homeschool front
    3. You share your homeschooling hardships
    4. Your pics make your blog feel very real and homey
    5. Your kids are awesome and give me confidence in homeschooling
    6. You are someone I can relate to and feel that we share some common struggles as women and mothers, and I love it when you give us the eventual deeper peek into who you are aside from your family.

    I personally only read homeschool blogs, so I wouldn't be too happy if you suddenly only started posting recipes or house decor ideas. But it's fun to see the random posts, when they're about projects that you're currently into - like when you changed your house around.

    1. Gabriela! You are a list girl too :-) Thank you for your lovely words! I was wondering about picture overload, but I'm glad you feel that it makes it real. I don't think I plan to deviate too far from the homeschool front (except, maybe one day, when I don't actually have to homeschool anymore!).

  4. Never having had the nerve to stick my toe in the blogospere, not sure I'm qualified to throw in my $.02. I'm just peek in through the windows.

    The title is great and I don't have a clue where you might have stolen it. However, all my best ideas are stolen ones.

    Personally, I love the rounded out aspect of your blog. Like our local homeschool group, it would be pretty boring if everyone used the same curriculum or if we only talked about homeschooling. The mix-up makes it very interesting. But, then, I've always thought you were an interesting person.

    Change away. It will energize you and bring out the creative juices.

    Most of all, have fun with it.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply and support! I'm off to find my creative technological juices!

  5. Hey Ingi - change must be in the wind! I too am asking myself the same questions about my mash up of a homeschool gifted thingy sometimes about gardening blog...
    My advice to myself and therefore to you too is change the bits that you are annoyed with and keep the rest!
    I love the name! I love the mishmash! but I also love change too - shake it up Ingi!

    1. Thanks Tracey!! I'm shakin' as we speak!!

  6. If you have spare time, make the changes! My blog annoyed me for ages...then I finally spent A LOT of time fixing it. I'll probably change it all again one day *sigh*. I love your blog name, but change it if you're concerned. As for the blog content, I only read what interests me and I'm still reading your blog :) So you must be doing something right!

    1. Thank you April! You are a bit of an inspiration for the change - can I blame it all on you?? ;-)

  7. Hey Ingi,

    Well I would never of guessed that you stole your name, so that doesn't worry me, you have to live with that.

    If you post about something that I'm not interested in, I just don't read that post. Doesn't mean that others wont enjoy reading what you've got to say. So go ahead and blog on what ever takes your fancy.

    I'll read or not read regardless of how the blog looks.


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