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Before and after and one day

I have recently discovered yet another way to waste my valuable time (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Bejewelled Blitz). Pinterest! I spent literally hours yesterday following rabbit trails to groovy pics of things I didn't even know I needed. I'm in love!

I think we all have a bit of tendency to dream about how perfect things could be. Pinterest allows the dreams to become reality - on a pinboard, at least! 

You see, when we were looking at houses to buy, I really, really did not want a "doer-upper". I had forebodings of us having "Oh yes, and we can just redo the kitchen, move this wall, fix up the laundry and it'll be great!" conversations and then dealing with the reality of living in the same crappy unfixed house for the next 10 years (based on past experience). 

So what did we buy? A doer-upper of the worst kind. Video Boy (after traipsing through a billion homes) commented "not this one". So of course his parents decided "this one!".

We have actually done a lot of work, but I want to do more...





Stinson Beach House contemporary exterior
One day...we'd like to get rid of the crappy weatherboard one day...

Rumpus room...
Before (note the stinky dog bed in bottom left corner)

After (note stinky dog bed to the right)

I want for homeschool!!!
One day...Ikea is possibly my perfect alternate universe!
Hubby's office...
Pinned Image
One day...Oooh - love those shelves!! (and the neat desk)
Before (totally loving the fake flowers down the side...)

After (loved the open stairs, but the dirt
kept falling through onto everything underneath)

That is cool!
One cute would this be???

Before (it was GROSS! I never ever cooked in it - can you see the oven door hanging off?) 

After (we built it ourselves from flat pack and we are still married!)

Pinned Image
One day...I really want an island bench with enclosed cupboards!
  Lounge room... 


After (complete with knocked down wall!)

One day...I really want built-in bookcases and ooh, ooh! a fireplace!!

Main bedroom... 
After (we removed a window!)

Pinned Image
One needs more bookcase space!

After (we added the dog) 
outdoor movie screen, made with PVC pipes, tethers, and a white tarp. How awesome would this be in the backyard?!
One backyard is complete without a massive firepit and movie screen!



After (err...needs a tidy up!)

Pinned Image
One day...we'd like to convert it into a usable games/rumpus room


After...we added toilet paper

White Small Elegant Bathroom Design Collection with Tech
One my dreams...

 Bit of work to do...isn't there always? But it's nice to dream....


  1. "After: We added toilet paper" BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Also, PINTEREST IS THE BEST THING EVER AND EVER. It's like internet crack. I found you and followed you!

    Oh! Have you seen that website called Ikea Hackers? It's cool - they take Ikea stuff and repurpose it into awesome stuff. Naturally, they built an Ikea in Colorado five minutes before we LEFT, so I've never been able to immerse myself as much as I wanted.

    1. Every bathroom needs toilet paper! We also changed the toilet seat because it was GROSS!!!! A new bathroom is high on my "I feel the need to create chaos" list.

      I'm just delving into the wonderful addiction of Pinterest. I never got it before...but now! In the words of EL James, oh my!

      I will go check out Ikea Hackers...yanno, because I have nothing to do!

  2. LOL The toilet paper & the dog totally did me in! I LOVE Ikea too... I could fit out my entire house, and then some, from a trip to that place! Given a small fortune to spend, of course ;) It looks like you have done a LOT to the place, even just the exterior work really beefed up the curb appeal :)

    1. We have done a lot of work (trust me when I say: it needed it!!). But there always seems to be more to do and we slowly are getting there.

      Luckily for my credit card, the nearest Ikea is 3 hours drive away!

  3. Love this, Ingi. This was one of those "laugh loudly enough that the kids come over and want to see what I'm looking at" moments. It was the dog and the loo paper that did it. Too funny! :)

    1. Do you know that I added those captions in after I hit "publish"?? There was some lameass caption there, and I read my post after hitting publish and it came to me! Glad I changed them :-)

      Making people cry and laugh out loud in the same week - a good week!


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