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43 - a life in pictures

There are places I remember 
All my life, though some have changed 
Some forever not for better 
Some have gone and some remain 

I am 43 today. This is the time of life that women start to use the phrase "forty-something". Well, I'm forty-three. You know what? By and large I'm very happy to be 43. It means I got this far. And have met some good people, done some good stuff and gone to some good places:

First ever pic of me - 11 days old (1969)

Happy baby  (4 months old)

Doesn't everyone have a photo of themselves in the bath?
Never as happy as when in your dolly cradle!

Thanks Nanna - that's a great look!
In my front yard in Blacktown - cute bow and I still
have those fluffy bits of hair regrowing
Customary visit to Koala Park (which still exists to today!)

I LOVED this dress! (and doing my party trick with my
hypermobile elbow joints)

Obligatory first day of school shot (1975)

I was too scared to pat the calf. But I got brave when we
were leaving and made my Dad take me back inside the zoo to pat it -
and he did (great dads do things like that)

Beach baby (and there's that elbow thing again)

What is it with me and cows? 

I'm on the left - rockin' my ABBA t-shirt and flares
 (in my defence, it  was 1979!)
Terry-towelling one piece jumpsuits ruled in 1980

My confirmation (1981)

At Mt Kosciuszko lookout (and fast-forward about 20 years here)

Did you know I did ballet for about 10 years?

I did actually know how to use a sewing machine at one point

Happy birthday to me (c1982)
I was just a tiny bit in love with Michael J Fox in 1985!
 (and loving that green carpet!)
Long-suffering little bro

I totally wanted to be Stephanie Zimbalist Jnr from Remington Steele!
Tinsel makes everything pretty!
Nothing says mid-eighties like ruched tafetta! (1985)

Graduating from Yr 12 (Senior year) (1987)

Look! I had abs and collarbones
 (I'm the one on the right, in the orange bikini!) (1988)

Loved (still do) Billy Joel too!
Me and my bestie Di at my 21st 
Uni bar - much loved (1990)

Doing field work at uni (1991)

My first (only!) holiday by myself on Heron Island -
 holding a baby green turtle, freshly hatched! (1993)
Checking out the wildlife on a work trip at Pebbly Beach
(I work there now!!) (1993)
Shoulda been a model - Vanuatu (1994)

My first fun run - City to Surf (1994)

They reckon you never look as good as you
do on your wedding day - I reckon they're right!  (1995)

Me and Hubby - after wedding, before kids...ahh - those were the days! (1997)
Atop the Breadknife (1998)

Ready, set - your life will never be the same! (1999) 
I'm a mum!

In Perth with a tiny Video Boy (1999)
Pregnant with Wombat Girl
 (I can't have another baby! I've already got one!) (2000)
Man, I love me some good drugs!  (2000)

Bubby Wombat Girl - life just got more complicated!
Lindeman Island (9 September, 2001...)

Video Boy's first day of preschool (sob) (2002)
In Noosa with Video Boy (2003)

Christmas 2003 with a cuddly Wombat Girl

Still cuddly (2004)
Mother's Day (2004)
Busted knee - 2005
Wombat Girl's first day of school (circle of life...) 2006
Christmas 2006

Bit chubby....2007

Mellow... 2008
Cruising (2009)

Christmas 2009

Second fun run -
Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run (2011)
Sydney Opera House with my brother  (2011)

Ranger Ingi - Pigeon House Mountain (2012)

Wombat Girl and Video Boy - homeschooing (2012)

Happy Birthday Me - 7 July 2012 - a work in progress!

 All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all 


  1. This was fantastic, Ingi—wow, a whole life before my eyes! How cool. And as I went through your pics I thought, Oh, you're only a little bit older than me!. And Oh, I wonder if you went to UNSW, because that's what OUR uni bar looked like! And Oh, I had a busted knee too! And on like that. What a gift you've given, sharing this life of yours with us. All those amazing and precious mama moments too…thank you so much for those.

    Have a beautiful birthday, Ingi. I hope it was filled to the brim with joy. :) (and thanks too, for the song. I'm totally singing it, right now. I love those Beatles!)

    1. Yes - I did go to UNSW and spent many hours at that bar!

      The day was weird. Not totally joy filled - a few tears even. How hard would it be for others to look after me the way I look after them? The tears worked and they lifted their game and the afternoon was sunshiny :-)

      Those Beatles rock!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Ingi!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.
    May this be a year of much happiness for you.

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Ingi!!! Lovely post and thanks for sharing all those fabulous pics with us :)

  4. Happy Birthday:){{}}
    Being a 1972 baby your post is so memory lane looking at the fashions and moments!

  5. Happy birthweek, Ingi!!! What a fun post! I loved seeing all of those little moments throughout your life :)

  6. Love these posts! It's amazing watching your life condensed into pictures - you grew so fast!! I really love the lyrics to In My Life!


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