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Fashion blogger!

Inspired by Mrs Woog over at Woogsworld, I am broadening my blogging horizons and heading into uncharted territory - Style Files! It's a wet, cold Sunday. I had contemplated Instagramming a pic of slippers, but this is much more fun. 

My hubby and kids are still in their jammies at 11am. I have my superior halo on, because I had a shower (as opposed to yesterday) and shaved my legs and got dressed. Might need to do something about those eyebrows though.

Now I use the term "got dressed" rather loosely. My favourite wardrobe pieces are definitely of the "do-not-venture-into-public" variety. Probably just as well I homeschool. Without further ado, I bring you my 4 favourite pieces - timeless classics that are just right for TV watching, internet browsing, homeschooling and take you right into drinks after school:


On any given day when I am at home, there is probably a 50% chance I will be wearing this t-shirt. It was purchased in 2000 on a trip to Lindeman Island and has had a fairly good workout since then. It was supposed to be relegated to "painting-only" status, but I just can't bring myself not to wear it. It's gone all asymmetric now (very in), the stitching is falling about and there are a series of holes near the hem that are either from chlorine eating through it or over-enthusiastic silverfish. But this is a classic basic that in my head, still falls in the category of "resort wear".


Now while the Lindeman t-shirt is a stand-alone item (and if it stretches any further it could double as a mini-dress), in winter (as it is now) it is tad draughty. That is where layering comes in handy. For several years now, my top layer of choice is a rather expensive item I acquired on sale at the height of south coast fashion  Harris Scarfe (a sale on every day there!). Sometimes you just have to go for quality, and so I splurged $60 on this Puma jumper (for me, anything that does not have a full length zipper or buttons is a jumper).

It is very soft and very comfy. It washes well and is remarkably free from stains. Alas I fear that despite its quality, it is not long for this world. You see, it is a size 12. And sadly, I am not. It just gets by at home but is beginning to look a little tight around the tum. And not in a good, tube dress, way.


There is nothing that says "home" quite the way tracky-daks do. And these are my ultimate, winter warmers:

I purchased c2000 as well - I needed larger sized, elastic waisted trakkies to go around my post-baby belly. Total bonus is that they fit perfectly now, nearly 12 years later. My only complaint about them is they have no pockets. How am I going to put a tissue through the wash if they don't have pockets to put said tissue into? In case you haven't noticed, I have done a lot of painting in them.


Manolo Blahnick is so Sex in the City. Back in the real world, we opt for Crocs. Furry Crocs specifically (or at least they used to be furry, before having gone through the wash several times).

No - I have not vomited on my Crocs -
 it is decking oil, from about two years ago

Before I purchased these, I had ugg boots as standard footware. But we acquired a puppy, and many a cold, dewy morning was spent outside on the lawn, waiting for wees and poos, and the uggies were not coping. So, lined crocs it was. They are da bomb! And the truly fashionable need Jibbitz to make a statement. And green bedsocks. Every outfit needs green bedsocks.

The other bonus of Crocs is that I can put in my orthotics so my plantar fasciitis doesn't flare up. In summer I opt for the stylish Orthoheel thongs.

So - there you have it. What the fashionable 40-somethings are wearing this wet Sunday.

This is absolutely the outfit I was wearing today!

Join me!! 
What is your signature look? 
Tell me or better yet, blog about it and let everyone revel in your stylishness!!


  1. Ingi, this is AWESOME. Had me totally Laughing Out Loud and then Laughing Some More. Brilliant post. I think you'll be setting some new trends! It's the best Fashion Blog I ever done did read. Thanks for the BIG grins on this drippy Sunday :)

    1. I love your big smiles, Helena! So glad to help out :-)

  2. Oh so many good fashion pointers here. I am in heaven! Love the monochrome theme that you work across this signature look. The shoes are beyond awesome. I had no idea they were available. Bravo to you! Bravo xx

    1. Brave I think! Monochrome theme - wow! I'm even more fashionable than I thought!! I am just a little bit in love with the furry crocs :-) Thanks for the share XXX

  3. Too funny. I have one of those t-shirts that I wore when pregnant and then not pregnant and then pregnant again... and then not pregnant. It's a t-shirt that just keeps on living.
    I love your furry crocs!

    1. Those t-shirts rock! Wear them 'til they wear out, I say!

    2. I have a hoodie that has seen me through four pregnancies and is still the thing I reach for when it's a bit cold inside or out. It dates from my brief days playing football... around '95 or '96.

  4. Thank you for this post - had me giggling... a lot! I am hoping that t-shirt stretches by Summer as I would love to see that accessorised with a thick belt as a dress! :) Thanks to Mrs Woog for the link to this on FB :)

    1. Oh - I don't think that summer look will be happening! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love. Your. Work! You are definitely someone I could have a cuppa with!

    1. Sounds like a plan. Jibbitz optional!

  6. Omg! I am in love, as I sit here in my trackie-dacs that have so many holes I now call them lacy. Although, I am yet to convince hubby that these black lacy numbers are sexy.

    Psst, I just feel inspired to share my disasters in craft post, How to make a sausage scarf out of hubby's fave t-shirt

    1. Loved the sausage scarf! Trackie-dacs are just sexy full-stop :-)

  7. Two of my favourite fashion purchases from last year - the *muffs* (of course) and the bobbly 'Federation square' scarf) - are ones that I just *love* so much that I could happily wear both indoors and out (and are two reasons I just love winter) :)

    1. Oh lordy, I had to have a go at my own style file.

      Night Owl, where do I get me these 'muffs' you speak of?

    2. I seriously doubt the Muffs are of the "wearing out" variety! But if you're brave, Night Owl, go for it.


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