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A change in the air

Change: to make the form, naturecontent, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone

Well, I asked, and you answered!

My take-home message is that change can be a good thing. And so change is happening around here - both online and off.

Things may be a little quiet around here while I get my head around some new tech. But stay tuned for more of the same and lots of the new.

And I managed to pick up another casual job this week - library assistant! How cool is that?? But that means this week, instead of getting right back into the homeschool thing, I'll be off getting paid to learn how to be a library assistant. Sorry about the maths worksheets and checklists kids! It's the way it has to be this week.

Normal programming (with a revamp) will resume shortly!


  1. Congratulations Ms. Library Assistant!
    That's great!

  2. Congrats!! admitting to a little envy too, I think I'd like to be a LA too.

  3. Just getting around to a reply...!

    I love reading your blog. Although you're my sister, I've found a side to you that perhaps our busty lives don't allow us to slow down, articulate and listen. Selfishly, I'd like that to continue and more.

    However, I don't think this means you need to abandon the purpose of the blog. I think one of the things I've really enjoyed is your skill for bringing everything back to the point: homeschooling. Perhaps this isn't hard when you consider that education only instructs us in life...!

    Have a go!

  4. Oh and hey - I'm going to turn the tables here and lean on you for a bit of tech advice!

    The first one I remember is can you recommend any app for the iPad where I can read and comment on your blog?

    you could recommend using the Web Browser, but I've had heaps of problems commenting (so I save it up for the desktop), and the rendering isn't too good. Do you use anything?

    1. No - I haven't as yet! I save up commenting on others blogs (or my own) for the laptop too. I will let you know if I find anything good - or do any readers out there have any suggestions?


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