Thursday, July 03, 2014

Five half decades later...

Yesterday was my son's birthday. Video Boy is fifteen (15) years old! FIFTEEN YEARS! How can I be the mother of a fifteen year old?

Is this fifteen years ago?

How did we celebrate this momentous occasion?

With New York style pizza in the centre of Canberra:

We decided if it was too cold to watch ice-skating, it was too cold to Segway, so we went to JB Hifi and bought Mario Kart 8 as a birthday present and retreated home and raced each other. I generally came last, except for one memorable race where I swear the Wii U felt sorry for me and I came first!!!

I think I will win the Mother of the Year award, because I gave my son tomato sauce and deodorant for his birthday (a bit of an in joke). Doesn't he look impressed?

I also made nachos and he did get other presents! And he has relative presents on the way too.

His friends from the south coast are staying with us for a few days and over-dosing on computer games, video games, board games and a trip to the movies, which is nice for them.

As I stood in the queue at the movies today, I noticed he was nearly as tall as this giant of a man also in queue. My baby is growing up and as the dude from EB Games reminded me, he can start to learn to drive next year (lalalalalalala).

Happy birthday Video Boy!

Are you the mother of a teenager?
Noticing any upward trajectory?
Can you even remember the baby years?


  1. Awww many happy returns to your son! My son hits the double digits this year and I'm having a mini freakout about that :P

  2. Happy Birthday Video Boy!! Oh yes, my lad, who turns 15 in 3 days is taller than his 17yr old and 19 yr old brothers, They are NOT happy!!

  3. 15? How does such a thing even happen? I had a mini-freak-out when my daughter (almost 11) decided she really needed to start wearing deodorant and get a bra. Anywho, happy belated birthday to your young man!

  4. Happy birthday Video Boy. I will probably cry when my eldest turns 15 ... I not looking forward to it.


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