Sunday, July 27, 2014

Something to look forward to...

How goes it?

Life here goes on.

One last trip back to the house on the coast to pick up MORE stuff (it's finally empty. Finally). Even the pot plants are now in Canberra. A little worse for wear after their trip up the mountain, but here.

I could not believe my little yellow cichlid was still alive down there! He was in a tiny tank, completely putrid, unfed for weeks, but there he (she? who can tell?) was, peeking out from amongst the muck. I couldn't leave him there, so I popped in a Tupperware container (except cheap and nasty), sat him on my lap and brought him to Canberra too. We even named him Harry - the fish who lived.

Except, he didn't. After surviving all that, he is now in the big fish bowl in sky. I'm unreasonably upset about his death, given I was willing him to die so I didn't have to frig around moving fish tanks. Bloody fish. Rest in peace, Harry.

Apart from that, I believe I have finally unpacked the last box this weekend. And put things in their "proper" place. I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel.

Now things are settling into a routine. Get up, organise some work for the kids, go to work. Come home. So it's time (so the scales say) to include some exercise and healthy food in that pattern. It's time.

I sell travel for a living now. And one of my "selling" lines is to convince people that they should treat themselves to that break, and have something to look forward to because we work hard and life can be a hard slog and part of going on holiday is the antici......pation.

And so, after some conjoling of the other half, we are anticipating our next holiday! My boss found a FANTASTIC deal on Princess Cruises! A balcony stateroom for sub-$100 a day you say??? Well, don't mind if I do!

We fly to Hong Kong, spend a couple of days there (losing my Disney virginity), then board the lovely Sapphire Princess for 9 nights to Da Nang or Hue and then Ho Chi Minh City in Vietname, Bangkok in Thailand, finishing up in Singapore and flying home. Seriously good deal!

Our cabins are located just inside near that round pool!

I'm so excited! Only 6 weeks to count down! I can't wait to share our new adventure with you :-)

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  1. Lucky you!!! Sounds like a blast! Glad you're all settled in.


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