Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Have a great day!!!

Before I start, um, I have to own up to my mistakes - Video Boy is NOT five half decades old. Because that would make him 25. Things to take away from this:

  • I can't count or
  • Don't drink and blog


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned nine half decades old. 45. If you missed my life story, here it is. And the last two years are on the blog!

Birthdays are funny things though. So many messages on Facebook wishing me a "great day"!

Bah freaking humbug!

Birthdays are overrated! Just because it's been another year around the sun does not make that day great. Well, not in my experience, anyway. I don't really get spoiled. I had to work. And I'm another year older and fatter. Meh.

And it would be soooo easy to wallow in that. Let it wash over me, envelope me. Drag me under.

But. I'm happy to be here. Happy to be getting older because the alternative is that I am missing out. Missing out on my kids growing up. Missing out on amazing experiences. Missing out on family and friends. Missing out on seeing the world.

And so I will take that birthday. It may not be a great day (the 'days' hardly ever are). But I'm determined to make it a great life :-)

And panda onesies make everything seem better.
Or at least warmer.


  1. Happy birthday :) Love the onesie! Does it have a flap at the back? :P

  2. Happy Birthday!! (Though a bit late :) )


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