Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Homeschool update!

I find myself in a very strange situation of being a homeschool mum who works full time. I'm not even sure if I should be admitting it in a public forum of a blog. But so far, it is mostly working for us, so we are going with it.

So, what have the kids been up to while I've been busy selling travel to eager customers?

Learning about functions and logarithms:

In general, they have been great at doing whatever work I set them. They are gaining valuable skills in self-directed learning, using the textbook and each other to help them figure out tricky questions. If in doubt though, they will wait for me to come home from work and we sit down as dinner cooks and go through harder concepts:

I was, however particularly impressed one day when they nutted out a tricky question together (and got it right!):

They've also ticked boxes in English (poetry and grammar and spelling) and Aboriginal Australia:

And they have been utilising my brochures from work to research tours around Australia for geography:

They have also been pretty enthusiastically doing their Japanese, both written and also spoken (using Mango, which we get free from our library).

We have also been doing Chemistry, through the wonderful world of lapbooking. I might do a whole post on this topic later (maybe. I'll leave you hanging for that).

Speaking of libraries, we joined our new local one and finally have free books again! Mango is also available here and we get 50 items each! The sad news is they charge overdue fees, so I'll see how I go (I'm not well known for returning my books on time and working for the library had its advantages in terms of that!). Additionally, we found were the delinquents hang out in our town centre - there were two teenage boys having a massive fight and the girls were there filming the commotion on their phones. Video Boy commented to me that he didn't miss school all that much. 

What else? Um, we didn't do Naplan, because it was all just too hard. Oh well, you do some, you don't do some! I don't think it will really matter in the big scheme of things.

They have been installing "mods" and texture packs for Minecraft and playing Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone (or something!). 

We do have lots to do on our "to do" list, including finding chess and karate replacements and exploring Canberra. But our academic life is ticking along nicely, despite my absence! 

Have you ever homeschooled without actually being at home?
Been filming many fights with your phone?
Logarithms are the inverse of what? (maths test!)


  1. My 17 yr old has been hanging out at the library lots, he came home and thanked me for hsing him. The attitude, language and culture really was not impressive

  2. I love it!

    I gave each girl a dry erase board with their daily plans and have everything on our chalkboard ready for them. This has been working great and slowly transitioning them towards independent learning, which is our goal.

    Congratulations on the move and new job! :)

    1. I like that idea! I hastily scribble out lists on paper!

  3. I am yet to film a fight with my phone. Between us, cause I don't want anyone realising I am a hige dork, I mostly use my phone as a phone ... oh yeah and formery FB cause I am addicted so have taken it off there!

    Man you have done a great job with those kidlets being so responsible and all!

    1. Still addicted to FB here! But I've never filmed a fight...

  4. I'm glad everything is going smoothly for you guys. How awesome that the kids are doing so well on their own! It makes me hopeful that in a few years I can take on some more work too.

    1. I'm pretty impressed with them! Their Dad is home a lot more than me, but they don't really even need his "supervision". They just get on with it (maybe it's the thought of the alternative that spurs them on?!)


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