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Random Monday

You want living maths? I'll give you living maths!!! How about the Fibonacci Cabinet?

Whinge time. (do you "whinge" in the U.S.?? It is probably an Aussie/British thing). Anyway, my complaint today is about husbands who hog the remote. It. Drives. Me. Insane. Apparently, there is only one person in the room watching the TV - except he is attempting to watch about 5 channels at once and never watch an advert. I don't think I ever get to watch a show in its entirety when Mr DF is in the living room. Drives. Me. Nuts. It is just uber-selfish! And it's not as if I've sat meekly our entire 17 year marriage and put up with it. I have whinged directly to the source of my frustration, but nada. Nothing. He still does it. Drives. Me. Bonkers. 

I do believe that I'm not alone in my annoyance....

 My daughter wants to go Trick or Treating. I'm not happy about this. It is only in the last couple of years that Halloween has become a big-ish thing in Oz. I personally don't get it - but that may just be my cranky old whinger self coming to the fore. I don't want to bother making a costume (that's why we homeschool, so we don't have to do the dress-up days at school!) and I don't like the idea of her wandering the streets harassing old people for lollies. I could, however, be convinced to make this! I wonder if that would satisfy her Halloween urge?

Ermagud!!! I totally loved Edith Ann (the very clever Lily Tomlin before her Ms Frizzle days)!!!

And so I have to revisit her sandwich making skills:

Happy random Monday! Go visit Deb at Not Inadequate so we can take over the whole internet.


  1. My children usually have control over the remote. LOL We only watch movies, because we can't get any channels here. Arguments erupt when one is fast forwarding through scenes she doesn't want to see.

    Love Lily.

  2. The remote thing is obviously universal. Happens at my house too. My husband will eventually give me the remote and then make comments about the show I stopped on. So irritating.

  3. I use my DVR so we can fast forward through the commercials.

    And here in the states, we whine.

  4. Taking over the internet FOR THE WIN!!!

    I am trying to talk the other girls into turning the Pinterest Challenge into a linky too, so get that pumpkin book thing ready.


    Thanks for linking, Ingi - I adore you.

  5. LMAO, my girls want to go trick or treating too and I am not happy either! I don't mind the dressing up thing, my girls think just about every day is cause to dress in some random costume, I just don't like the lolly grabbing side to it.

    My other half moans about the remote, it's not that I keep it on purpose, I simply keep losing it. I go change the channel and walk off to do one of a million things. Yesterday we found it on the toaster ... bahaha!

  6. Hi, Just wanted to say, in the 5 years we've lived here ( Australia) trick or treating has been massive. It's a lovely time for young children and parents to dress up and go have fun in the community. Most people get involved, some decorating their front gardens to make the night extra special for the kids. I should mention that no tricking has ever been involved. For the last couple of years some bright spark has sent out a flier suggesting people leave on their porch light if they want to play, leave it off if they don't. It's a brilliant idea, don't you think? Thanks to whoever sent those out!
    But no, I don't want to make costumes and I certainly won't buy one,I'll just get busy with the face paints, on the whole family!

  7. Agree with Alyson - Lights off if you don't want to play; and so many others are not used to the trick or treating thing. I know two people who have complained about the idea and neither of them are terribly happy with the idea: one of them so much so that he warned them if they came around again without giving *him* a treat, he would play a *trick* on them by setting his two dogs on them!!! I thought it was hilarious!!!


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