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I got the homeschool blahs...

This has to be normal, right? You know, the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, the troughs and peaks, the...can't think of any more metaphors! I've temporarily lost my homeschooling mojo. It has left the building...although the kids are still working away.

Tackling grammar - Video Boy rocked this!

I feel like I'm in a bit of a homeschooling funk. Nothing super-major, but just a sense of "gotta think of what to do next, and I don't feel like doing it". Maybe it's because it's the end of October and the year has been a bit...disjointed? Maybe because we don't have anything juicy to get our teeth into and it's all a bit ho-hum. Maybe I need to go on a holiday?

Writing a story about a two-headed, multiple personality sea serpent!

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's just a passing phase. And I share with you because I'm sure (I think) that most homeschooling parents go through this? A sense of Groundhog Day - that feeling of more of the same, stretching on forever.....

Looks like squiggles - is actually a physics experiment!

Except when I'm rational, I know it won't last forever. My babies are growing up. The work they are doing is getting high-level! It won't be long before I pack them off to university (a mother has to have dreams, you know!).

Playing Spot It - a lovely new game addition (thanks Jane!)

We do have some exciting things coming up - there are more homeschoolers in our area now and group things are starting to happen - things like art and bushcraft and getting together with other kids that are my kids ages. I've learned from experience here in blogland not to say "and soon we will do this" because inevitably it doesn't happen...but hopefully there are some lovely new things to look forward too.

I think we just need some "quality" time. Snuggles on the lounge reading together. Walks along the beach in the spring sunshine. Cooking up a storm. Enjoying these moments of being home with my kids. Just because we can. Just because we homeschool and I am in the precious, enviable position of being able to give them what they need. I couldn't get tired of that!

Do you ever have homeschooling blah's? (please tell me I'm not alone)
How do you find your homeschooling mojo?


  1. Oh sure, the blahs. This is not the advice of a Super Homeschooler, but I take a break. Leave the kids to their own devices and putter around doing something that will make me feel better. Read, bake, clean out a closet... whatever.

    Probably better people will give you better advice. LOL.

    Feel better!

    1. I dunno Deb - you ARE Super-Homeschool-Mom!! Some quiet time just for me sounds pretty nice!

  2. Right there with you.
    I could quote you word for word.

    In our case, I think it's because we're approaching the end of our school year and all exciting things have been done, and my creative juices are flowed-out.
    But it's all good.

    1. It is all good. Like I said, it's nothing major, just a bit blah-ey. We are sure to come good soon!

  3. Yes, so recently, I had the homeschool blahs, and decided I needed to find something to do for myself. Even as mundane as blasting reggae while doing the dishes, or getting out some nice pens to doodle with. Somehow these little things gave me more inspiration and before I knew it my girls were doodling, and doing dishes with me, and offering to clean the livingroom. I don't know how that happened, but it made me smile big.

    1. Music is good. Need more of that. You made me think I should scrapbook again...that would be nice!

  4. We love Spot It!

    The blahs here mean uninspired. Right now the girls are really, really into Kingdom Hearts, manga, and drawing. I know every characters name, power, social security number :). *I* needed new inspiration like mentioned above. So I discoved Michael Woods and off I go, which then becomes off we go.

    1. Spot It has been a big hit - Jane always sends the best stuff :-) Michael Woods? Off to Google...

  5. Ask yourself what advice you would give someone else in the same situation and act on it. Also sometimes it can simply be our bodies needing some rest and vitamins and the home educating blahs are only brought on because we aren't feeling in tip top condition (or just feeling a bit old and creaky in my case ... ). It's hard to keep up with these youngsters some days :)

    1. Old and cranky - yep, that could be me! I'm starting a bit of a health kick, but I have been lax in my vitamins - nice tip.


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