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But wait! There's MORE paper-folding madness!

"I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny
But we can have lots of good fun
That is funny!"
      (Dr Seuss)      

Inspired by Nikole over at Verde Mama (who in turn was inspired by us and made Popup Fractals!), we had our own rainy day.

Well, I'm pretty sure she didn't actually inspire the low pressure system that brought 233mm of rain to our tiny coastal village in 24 hours:

That moment when your street turns into river...

...and that river heads down your driveway and into Video Boy's bedroom...

She did however inspire us to watch Vi Hart's latest vids on flexagons. Now I thought I was pretty clever, back in the day, making "cootie catchers" (or chatterboxes or paper fortune tellers). We spent many a maths lesson making those! But these flexagon thingies are a whole 'nuther ball game! How on earth could I have missed them??? Misspent youth? Anyway, prepare to have your mind blown. I'll sit and wait...

Full-on, right? But Vi wasn't finished - oh no. October is Flexagon Month and she has more in store for us:

And so, of course, there's nothing left to do on this cold, cold wet day, but to make flexagons!

Easier said than done.

We tried really hard to follow Vi's instructions. She talks fast. So we paused and rewound and played a lot. But we got a bit frustrated.

It was time to call in the big guns! Google for more instructions

Video Boy conquered a tri-hexaflexagon:

and then he and Wombat Girl and I did hexahexaflexagons!

They aren't as pretty to photograph as the popup fractals, but damn! They are trippy to play with  :-) So you've just gotta go give them a try.

What's your favourite rainy day activity?
Have you ever had housing disasters related to rain (or wind, or snow)?
Did you ever make flexagons in your youth 
or were you sidetracked by some other mis-spent activity?

PS: This is Defying Gravity's 200th post!!!! I had no idea I would have written/photographed that many posts when I started! A big thank you to my loyal band of followers and especially to my regular commenters - you all make my day! I love that someone out there in cyberspace likes what I have to say and is even inspired by what we do. Totes chuffed! And you don't care that I over-use exclamation marks like crazy!!!!!


  1. That is a lot of rain! We had rain over the weekend, too. The kids go stir crazy. They need to race around and burn up energy and when they can't get outside time, they drive me up a wall.

    All of your paper-y things are so cool. I pin all these ideas for the future.

    1. It was a serious amount of rain - 9 3/16 inches! We have had fun with our paper-y things :-)

  2. Rainy day activities: watch movies, play games, bake cookies
    Weather disasters: frozen pipes, digging our way out
    Yes, I remember the cootie catchers but I think they went by another name.

    D loves paper folding and fractals so I will direct him to your references. Thanks.

    And congratulations on your 200th post and sticking with it!

    1. Well, one thing's for certain - we will never have to deal with frozen pipes around here!!

  3. Ooooh - been meaning to try Vi Hart's flexagons...very pleased to read your findings first!
    By the way, love the new look : )

    1. They are very fiddly, but fun!

      Thanks - I think it looks nice and fresh. It will do until I get bored with it again :-)

  4. Yay! I haven't yet mastered the hexahexaflex. I'm impressed, and I love the back and forth inspiration :)

    Congrats on 200 posts!!!!!

    1. I'm not convinced my one is right - but the kids did well!

  5. Congrats on your 200th post!!

    So I see you guys got all our rain, we had terrible drought this year. That stinks about your sons room.

    Oh I loved making paper fortune tellers in school, thanks for the reminder.

    Hmm rainy days, well when it is warm and no lightning the girls love playing outside making mud pies and splashing in puddles but cold and rainy calls for blanket snuggles, cocoa and readings aloud or movies oh and sometimes sewing.

    1. I love your rainy days - here's sending you some!

  6. We had a bathroom filled half way to the ceiling with mud from a big hurricane in 2005, it also destroyed our gardens.

    Yes, I do remember making those in school, and I remember something about writing letters of the names of different boys, and depending on which letter you got - that was the boy you would marry... or something like that.

    Favorite rainy day activity - watching documentaries (boring, sorry)

  7. This is a little late...but I just had to tell you that I have hexahexaflexagons all over my house now. And the kids are making them at school. And now the whole school is obsessed.

    Most importantly, I had a few quiet hours one weekend while they were obsessed. :) Thank you.


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