Saturday, November 10, 2012

Keepin' it real...

I know. I've been absent a bit, haven't I? You've missed me a bit, haven't you (go on, humour me).

You know what happens when you suddenly get over-loaded with busy (homeschool stuff, outings, meetups, work, work and more work - I'm suddenly drowning in "casual" work!)? This happens:

My dining table is under there somewhere...

Yep. The housework slides when you take your eye off the ball!

On the plus side, some of that mess is the worksheet-y stuff I left the kids to do while I was at work. Anyone know the difference between Action Verb Predicate and Linking Verb Predicate? I don't - so I will have to do some catch up reading. All I know is verbs are "doing words" and that's done me pretty well for 43 years, but you are never too old to learn something new!

OK. It's Saturday morning and I'm off to the library for 5 hours of borrowing and returning and shelving. I am rapidly running out of clean "work clothes" (apparently you can't wear track pants and t-shirts to work). Our fridge is empty. The house is a mess.

It won't be like this for too long (I hope). Whilst the money is nice, the workload is not sustainable! Hopefully I will be able to tell you about some cool stuff the kids did last week really soon. But I'm cutting me and you some slack while I get through one day at a time. That's real.


  1. Ingi, I don't work for pay out of the house these days and my housework varies from 'lagging behind' to 'never gonna catch up'. On the plus side, no need for clean work clothes :) Someday, I'll be on top of it all....when my kids aren't so young, or so I tell myself.

    1. Yes, well you have a good point there - the dining table wasn't any cleaner when I was at home full-time! I just felt less guilty.

  2. Oh well, at least you don't have to hand wash your clothes like I do right now (well, I'm hoping for your own sake); and I think the kids are fairly resourceful as well :)

  3. I love your keeping it real posts!

    I am like Verdemama and don't work for salary outside the home and feel like I am never getting ahead. There seems to be projects everywhere I turn.

    "Phenominal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space." :)

    Oh and I missed your presence.

    1. I think that is our issue - itty bitty living space! But you know, if it was bigger, we'd just make more mess. Glad you missed me (kids did too!)


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