Zombie felties!

Once upon a time...before we went away on holidays, about mid-October, we went to the library. I spotted a book, obviously put on display in the lead-up to Halloween. It was Zombie Felties. I'm not sure what possessed me to get it out on loan, but something about them looked appealing, in a quirky kind of way.

I often get non-fiction, crafty, gardeny, chook sheddy, books out of the library, thinking "that would good to do" and then never do whatever is contained in the book (we still don't have a vege garden or a chook shed).

Anyway, the cruise has come and gone and so has Halloween. The library books were still here though, so I renewed them online and decided that we really would make Zombie Felties!! We would do craft!!!

Wombat Girl was keen. Video Boy not so much (surprise!). We visited my Mum to scam craft supplies that I didn't have (beading needle, embroidery cotton etc). I visited Spotlight to pick up felt and beads. And we were set.

It is amazing how many skills (and syllabus outcomes) there are when you do a craft project:


Sewing and embroidery...

Gluing and pasting...

Following instructions...

Lots of fine motor skills, concentration and organisational skills (keeping your workspace clean and tidy...).

Wombat Girl was keen to make Zombie Puppy. I think he looks just fabulous!

I made Classic Zombie:

And Video Boy made the home for the zombies, the Zombie Coffin (lots and lots of cutting out involved!):

They look pretty cool I think! Wombat Girl is busy cutting out pieces for Pumpkin Head Zombie and I'm going to get Video Boy to help me with Vampire Zombie (undead and dead?). It was nice to do some craft as a change from all our science/maths type things. And just so you don't think we've gone all goth on you, I have actually ordered a book to make some "ordinary" felties too:


  1. Those turned our great!

    We own the second book ourselves and my daughter has gotten lots of ideas from it. I think I need to order the Zombie one soon.

    Was the coffin in the book or did you print off directions from the computer?

  2. They did turn out pretty well, didn't they? I was impressed with Wombat Girl's embroidery skills - I didn't know she could sew!

    Yes, the coffin is in the back of the book - just scan and you're away!


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