I love my technology. Usually. I love it when it working well - it helps me, it connects me, it informs me, it helps me share.

I don't like it when it doesn't work the way it is supposed to...

  • Is is just me, or is anyone else having issues commenting on other peoples blogs? I had this issue for a few weeks - especially on posts where the comments were embedded below. I couldn't even comment on my own posts without completely shutting down my laptop and restarting. Pain. Yesterday I found that Internet Explorer (yuck) worked OK whereas my beloved Google Chrome did not. Also discovered Chrome updates that I didn't have. Seems to have improved the problem. I can comment again! Yay!
  • My DVD drive is not recognising discs. Call to support seemed to indicate that iTunes may be a culprit, but the "fix" didn't fix it. Neither did uninstalling or re-installing. Back to the drawing board (and probably hours of my time trying to sort it out).
  • My 18-55mm Canon lens is not working properly. It won't auto-focus. The macro lens works fine. But I loved my everyday lens. Mmm - eBay here I come!
  • My printer is jammed. And keeps jamming. I have black ink all over my fingers. Maybe now is the big chance to get a wireless printer??
Little things in the big scheme of things, but annoying. I like things to work like they should! But there is also something incredibly satisfying in locating the source of the problem and being able to fix it! So persist I will. Or go play some board games with Wombat Girl....

What is your techno-whinge of the day?


  1. I hear you!!! My car, brand new 13 months old, just got towed malfunction! What the? In the past few months we have replaced a laptop, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, mobile & that's all I can think of at the moment. Things just don't last! Ok, there's my whinge.

  2. Yesterday my laptop suddenly decided to have mousing issues. I couldn't click on anything unless I switched operations using Alt+tab and returned to where I had been. Then I had ONE chance for a mouse click before it ignored everything again. The only cure was to reboot. Not sure what happened...just hoping it doesn't again!
    Best wishes for quick technology fixes!

  3. my multi function printer has died. How can you homeschool without a printer? Summer holidays has just arrived early.


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