Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keepin' it Real - Coffee Table

I don't just write this blog, you know. I read other's blogs. Homeschooling blogs, housewifey blogs, etc.

And I've mentioned before how sometimes, reading other blogs can sometimes make you feel inadequate. That they can make you feel less than perfect - that you are lacking somehow.

I love Baby Mac. I don't know why - she's not a homeschooler, she's ultra domestic, but she shares her trials and tribulations of being a mum. She does have a handy knack for making me feel not good enough though. Here is her brand new coffee table (not a big deal). And her "vignette".

What the? Who really styles their coffee table? Really?

Just to make you all feel better, here is my real coffee table:

Teen feet are pretty much permanent additions.

A vignette of remote, maths working out, magazines and reading
(I put the James Watson bio in there to make it look all intellectual, and stuff)

What about you? Do you style? Do you have a coffee table "vignette"? Pop a link in the comments if you care to share!


  1. Really enjoy Baby Mac, thanks for sharing! Love to know some of your other fav blogs to read, need some new faces. I understand what you mean about feeling inadequate, when I'm feeling low there are certain blogs I never read.

    1. I also love Mrs Woog ( - they are the two Aussie bloggers (non-homeschool!) that I try to keep up with.

  2. I don't have a place in my heart for a coffee table I can't eat pizza off of or put my feet on.

  3. Our home is so small we can't even have a coffee table to style.

    If we did I'm sure it would look like all the rest of our tables with an art book here and an electronic device there. Here a cup there a cup everywhere a cup, cup.

    Thanks for keeping it real. ;)

    1. All part of the service! Oh yes, it was missing a tea cup!!!

  4. I did before having to live with two messy boys (dh&ds). lol
    Now all surfaces are permanently covered with cables, nails, rocks, sun glasses, hats, hammers, wire cutters...

    I like your coffee table over the other one actually - I love old trunks.
    The empty space under the other one bothers me for some reason... envy maybe.

    If it weren't for them, I'd go very Zen... deep sigh...


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