Friday, May 31, 2013

The holiday is well and truly over...

Apart from random happenings on a Monday, I feel like we've been home from our big adventure for ages now.

You'll be eager to know (or maybe you don't care, in which case, skip this paragraph) that my cold that I suffered for nearly two weeks of the trip flared up with a vengeance on our arrival home - I think I probably got another version of it on the plane trip home. How dare people travel when ill? Just ignore the mountain of tissues that Panda Girl and I had on our laps...Anyway, after a couple of weeks more of sneezing, nose blowing and coughing, we were finally back to our "normal" selves.

Alas, the trip, plus sickness, plus a general slackness, has meant that my excellent steps in improving my health and weight and fitness before the trip have faded into a distant memory. I've been for one run and that's about it. I'm too scared to get back on the scales now...

We started back up on our homeschooling despite the term only having one week left in it, and bravely marched on through the whole of the first week, before getting derailed with that dreaded "socialising". We have got back into a routine of sorts and I actually have some interesting homeschool posts planned (well, they are interesting to us, so by default, to you as well I hope).

We have just done our tax for the previous financial year (July 2011 to June 2012). It's just as well we took that big holiday before we did the tax, because it turns out we are actually one of those "struggling families" that Julia Gillard bangs on about. Since I quit teaching full-time and with retail business not going great guns, we really should be watching our pennies a lot more than we have been. Stay tuned for posts about budget meals and asking for suggestions for budget homeschooling and frugal living. To be honest, it's a pretty freaking depressing monetary position to be in after working hard all these years. Especially now I have to drink cask wine instead of bottled.

Maybe if we are starving, I might look like this...

And so, alas, back to the "real" world. So much for it not existing when you're homeschooling! Mmm, where were those tissues?


  1. Cask wine is pretty good at times of stress. At other times as well, really.

    I'm looking forward to some homeschooling posts, although I adored living vicariously with you on your holiday.

    Hope you feel better soon. Not too many healthy posts though. They're just taunting.

    1. Homeschooling posts coming up this week (all going to plan, which, of course, it never does).

      Not much chance of too many healthy posts! I'm going pork belly next...

  2. You're spurring me on to publish some posts I have in drafts on frugal living, lots of experience here;) I'm a cask wine drinker of old. but if you feel like an affordable bottle ($4) try Gossips Sweet Lips Moscato, that is if you like sweet white, but not too sweet.

    1. I look forward to your frugality, Erin! I'm like Moscato of late, so I'll keep an eye out for that one. Love the way you all give me hints on how to drink cheaply ;-)

    2. Priorities, dear. Erin and I like to save our money for important stuff like books. :)


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