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3 more sleeps...

Wombat Girl has been responsible for updating the
countdown for the last 3 months!

Sometimes I think that the most exciting part of holidays is the anticipation of them!

Inevitably, when you are actually on the trip, there will be rain, whinging kids, husbands to argue with about what to have for lunch - that stuff does not magically disappear because you are on a big cruise ship or touring the sights of Hong Kong.

But the anticipation! Visas, foreign currency, guide books, brushing up on local language and even packing. I love it. I love having something to look forward to! I love the imagining of lying on a deckchair with not much to do except finish your novel (reading it, not writing it!). I love the mouth-watering induced by thinking of Peking Duck in Beijing and Yum Cha in Hong Kong. I love planning what clothes are needed for 30 degree 90% humidity of Darwin and 5 degrees and pollution of Beijing. I totally love the anticipation of nearly four weeks of no vacuuming, grocery shopping, bed-making, cooking, oh and working.

And when you homeschool, you get to anticipate even more!

You get to make Terracotta warriors:

Too cute, right?

Researching the first emperor of China...

But we've also been coding...

...and taking down the pool

and discussing the difference between homophones, homographs and some other grammar thingies:

watching V-sauce:

But mostly, we've been counting down. 

Just 3 iddy-biddy sleeps to go! Squee!

Do you love having a holiday to look forward to?
What was your best holiday evah?


  1. So. Jealous.

    Have a great time!

    1. Oh, we intend to try our best Deb!

  2. Preparing to leave town does put me into high gear. I seem more focused and energized. Not sure about my favorite vacation; they've been all good but I think back a lot about our San Francisco and Washington, DC trips.

    Welcome to the northern hemisphere. While you're packing up, we are anticipating a big snow storm.

    1. It's 30C here today - hard to imagine winter...But I'm not liking the look of the cyclone forming off the Qld coast!

  3. Our favorite vacations are being with nature. I am not a city girl by far and don't like crowds of people. I prefer the sound of crikets and cicadas. I do love reading of your adventures though. :)

    I love the Terracotta warriors! Sky likes playing with Scratch too and it's free from MIT ( I am thinking that is what you guys have).

    1. I think that will be one of our challenges this trip - getting away from it all. But there are great parks in Hong Kong and Beijing (under all that pollution!)

    2. Yep, I was impressed by the magnitude of the Terrocotta Warriors myself, and remember seeing them in the Art Gallery of NSW in Year 9, and then again in Xi'an (where they rightfully belong). And they are housed in 5 buildings, maybe more. There's millions of the guys.

      However, it is not in Beijing, and you might have to take an overnight train to see them. However, there's no shortage of things to see and do in the other cities though :)

    3. Yep, definitely lots to see and do in the Chinese cities. Can't speak for Taipei (Taiwan) or Dalian, or Japan or Korea, but you need a good few days for each city to check everything out.

      I can't wait to see all the photos when you upload them, and your blog entries. I'm sure you are having a great time now :)

  4. Excellent! I din't know you were going to China, have a great time, we've been as a couple and will take the kids as part of out indefinite travel odyssey. We leave in four months, first stop Malaysia, so yes, one heck of a lot of anticipation going on here! I love that Boo flicks through the pile of Lonely Planets with me and likes to talk about all the pitures. Bon voyage!

    1. Haven't been to Malaysia - maybe next trip. I've downloaded the relevant bits of the Lonely Planets for our stops. Last time I took us up a mountain because of those guides! It's not hard to get away from everyone on the boat with those :-)


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