Another year over...

Well, I know that we still have weeks left in the year, but it feels "over". Or maybe I'm over it. Something like that.

The kids that go to school are finishing up - the private schools are done and the public schools shuffle on until the middle of next week. I figure we are as "private" as they come, so we are just done with "formal" school too (although we all know the learning never ends!). I wonder what the kids will buy their teacher (word is, the private school tiger moms are giving their kids teachers Chanel handbags and Moet champagne!).

What have we been up to, though, I hear you ask?

We have done the tree! I let you know last year that I have difficulty relinquishing control of the tree to my offspring. This year I bought more decorations (like we need them!) and went with a red, green and silver theme. The kids are totally getting more grown up because they totally kept within the theme and the big silver/blue ball did not make a return appearance:

Video Boy is getting too tall - gotta stop feeding him!

So tall he can help his Dad with the star!

This year's tree!
We've also had visits from my sister:

My big sister, my Mum and me!

And we've done some visiting of our own (not to mention socialising!):

8 dear friends being silly!

25 years after leaving school, 8 of us have produced 16 offspring, ranging in age from 14 to 1.

And I've been working. Oh! Have I been working! When I took this little, casual job I did not for one second think I'd be working so much. And now the National Parks holiday program work is kicking in too.

It's a pretty nice office, though...

I feel as if I just have to get through this Christmas business with the least amount of fuss possible, whilst still actually celebrating the thing. Then get through January and it's complicated roster of work appointments. And then...and then...come February, I will be saying "no thanks" to more than one weekday shift a week. Time to get back to the kids. Apparently I have some and apparently I homeschool them. Breathe out....


  1. Oh my gosh!
    The pic of VB and his dad back-to-back!
    :gasp: Oh, how they grow!

    It's a beautiful office indeed.
    Lucky you with a job like that :)

    1. It's like it happened overnight, right before my very eyes! And I don't think he's finished either...

      It's a lovely office - much nicer than most. I'm missing being home though :-(


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