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Visit to the big smoke

So, this week, we ditched home(school) and headed up to Sydney for a couple of days.

We took my Mum and stayed with my brother and his partner. They have 3 ragdoll cats, which the kids absolutely adored! I think they liked the fact you could pick them up and cuddle them (something that is a bit difficult when your dog weighs 20kg).

Wombat Girl and Coco (the kitten) and Video Boy
 with Rose (Mr Smith headed for the hills!)

After dinner out (woo hoo - eating out on a week-night!), we came home and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on their very BIG tv with amazing hi-def (who doesn't love Robert Pattinson in hi-def??). A few glasses of champagne (the adults, not the kids - I'm not that free-wheeling) and we decided that we should investigate my brother's vinyl collection - he is a huge fan of vinyl LPs (you remember - Long Playing Records) and just a bit of an ABBA (quite possibly the biggest understatement ever). Just as well Wombat Girl loves ABBA too:

How that takes me back to my youth -
reading along with the lyrics on the sleeve

Learning how to use the turntable

And finally to bed. Because we had a busy day the next day...

The Powerhouse Museum had a Harry Potter exhibition on of all the costumes and props from the movies and it is ending soon. Hubby wasn't able to come with us because he was working, so what to do? We decided that it was too difficult to get back up to Sydney before it ended, so we took the opportunity to go see it. Unfortunately, you were not permitted to take photographs inside (boo) so we had to settle for a couple outside. 

Loving this pic - not the least of all because I look like I've lost some weight
 with all that running, but most of all because I'm in it!
Flying car from Chamber of Secrets
My very own personal highlight was being within touching distance of the Cedric Diggory Quidditch costume and the tux Robert Pattinson wore in the Yule Ball scene (I know, there's a word for people like me...stalker). Video Boy loved all the lollies and food from the great hall and Wombat Girl surprised me by requesting a Ravenclaw beanie from the merchandising (because that is the house she would choose). She insisted on wearing it the rest of the trip, even though it was 30C!!

Now, of course, when you go to the big smoke, there are big shops, but who knew you could buy new thongs (flip flops - not underwear) at a vending machine?? My brother needed new ones:

My Mum is not into HP, so she took herself off to the city and queued with a few hundred other people at the Queen Victoria Building to meet Michael Crawford (of Phantom of the Opera fame).

They loop around....

Mum, Michael Crawford and my brother!

After that, it was definitely time for some lunch! Yum Cha - yummy!

How good are steamed pork buns?

and jelly?

Look what happens when Wombat Girl gets embarrassing!

After lunch called for some speed shopping - I went to Lululemon and got a new running tank and socks (LOVE their stuff!) and Rebel sport for some anti-chafing cream (fat arms plus sweat plus rubbing equals nasty). Mum bought an iPad 2 at the Apple store after JB HiFi ran out.

Embracing technology!

Home for a quick nanna-nap before the main event - Love Never Dies at the Capitol Theatre. We had second row and seats and it was amazing. You might be aware that I'm a bit of a musical theatre nut - I just love the live music, the sets, the costumes, the choreography, the singing. I knew none of the music for this one, but Andrew Lloyd Webber writes a pretty catchy melody! Anyway, it has been re-vamped for Sydney (my brother saw it in London and says this version is much better) and I'm not ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye for the spectacular ending!

And how freaky - in a city as large as Sydney, I saw a good friend from school and Hex from the ABC's Good Game!! 

 The kids meanwhile where back at home with their uncle - geeking out watching the Goodies and The Lion King in 3D:

Back home the next day - but not before a "quick" visit to the mega-huge Ikea at Tempe (home of Swedish meatballs). Video Boy only broke one cup!

Kids loved designing their own kitchen
 (and Video Boy loved the adjustable desks)

Wombat Girl loved the kids room section

I actually thought we might never get out...
And so we are back home, catching up on some much-needed sleep. It's lovely to go away and do things you don't get the chance to at home, in a small regional town. It's also lovely to come home to your own bed! We will resume regular programming soon :-)


  1. You look fantastic in that picture! As a recent newbie-runner, I hope I have as much success as you have.


    1. I'm just a slow jogger really - but I am loving it! So get those shoes on and run!!

      I'm just a bit glad my credit card was pretty full - otherwise I could have done some serious damage!!

  2. In the words of Billy Crystal, You look marvelous! Your weight loss is obvious in the pictures.

    It all looks fun. There are Ikea stores in the state but I've never been in one.

    1. Thank you Jane!! I think probably the strategic placement of handbag may have helped, but I'll take it!! You gotta go check out Ikea just once - so much stuff you never knew you needed to have!

  3. What a fun few days! :) I'm not sure mine would tear themselves away from those kittycats! They're darling.
    I love a couple of days of Grand Adventuring away from home!

    1. We were sorely tempted to steal the kitten, but the fur!! OMG - so much fur. We are currently planning our next couple of days Grand Adventuring - so much fun!

  4. It does look like some lovely adventuring for you all!!


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