Sunday, March 04, 2012

It's my mess and I love it!

Nanna's cross-stitch for Wombat appropriate!

Most Saturday mornings, the kids are sent to their rooms to tidy up. Wombat Girl in particular has trouble with this. Today I even gave them some help...

The idea is that the task can a bit a overwhelming, so they each follow steps in the card and then when finished, give the card back to me (so I can check their handy work). And after a while (you know, a couple of years), they should be able to tidy their rooms without the prompts.

Despite the assistance, Wombat Girl still had trouble. I wonder why????

She got up to step 5...

So much junk!!! This called for the big guns - Mummy!

I took everything off every surface, dusted (with help):

Sorted, re-arranged, threw out. 

And then just a mere 3 hours later...

All the little bits of plastic and knick-knacks back where they belong!

Now, if only she can keep it like this...


  1. Looks great! What a burst of energy you've had. We need some organization here, too.

  2. Please please please come to my house. Mind you I think my girls room would take more than 3 hours and there is no way I would ever ever EVER put before photos up for the world to see.


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