The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 24

In my life this week:
Have been enjoying my clean, de-cluttered bedroom and the clean loungeroom!

I kept up my exercise - I ran 6km without stopping on the weekend - my furthest distance yet, and I was on a bit of a runner's high all day!

Took Max the dog for a couple of walks using a halti-collar. He does tend to pull and I have been training him, but he goes nuts when he sees another dog! So I'm hoping this will work better. Now we just have to come across a dog when walking (where'd they all go?).

I let him off the lead to have a run on the beach!

In our homeschool this week:
We got out the Viewmasters (Video Boy has the old one we had when we were kids, Wombat Girl has the new one that works!). Fabulous 3D fun!

Lots of fun chemistry. We were talking about balancing chemical equations (can't create or destroy atoms), so we got out the good ol' bicarb and vinegar, but this time talked about what was happening at an atomic level.

We then tried to make "hot ice" - which is sodium acetate (what you get left over in water when the bicarb and vinegar combine). We had some issues with leaving lumps. We will try again later, but until then, have a look at what fun it is:

I loved the impromptu geography lesson while I was having my morning cup of tea - something on the TV sparked a conversation about Panama Canal, and so hubby helped the kids find where it was, where the Suez Canal was, why they were built and lots of knowledge about oceans along the way...all in their pajamas (and a teddy on Wombat Girl's head!).

We utilised the sharks again with the "shark stack challenge" to see who could make the tallest stack of sharks. Hubby is the current leader - but stay tuned as the challengers come thick and fast:

 Wombat Girl got lost in crossword land...

They say kids enjoy the box more than the present, and ours are no exception. Many happy hours of creative play inside the cardboard box. Poor Max the dog didn't know what was going on!

Lovely spring-like weather again meant it was too nice to spend all our days inside, so Alice in Wonderland (from Michael Clay Thompson) came outside.

Later that night, the kids "acted" out the scene with the Cheshire Cat and Alice - very entertaining and a "tick" for drama!

Places we're going, people we're seeing:
My sister came to visit, and we had a very enjoyable lunch at the local golf club, followed by a leisurely stroll by the ocean - I wonder what the poor schooled kids did that day?

Video Boy is nearly as tall as his Aunty!

Aunty, Nanna, Wombat Girl

Bring a Rubik's Cube, add Find-the-Difference
on the cutlery holders, add probability with Keno,
and we had quite an educational lunch!

Inspired by:
Enjoying the concepts up for discussion on the ABC's Big Idea's program.

Things I'm working on:
Reconciling "unschool" concepts with my teacher's need to see "products" - can I achieve a balance?

Questions I have:
Does anyone have any tips for controlling headlice? I guess Wombat Girl is socialising well enough, because we can't seem to get rid of them. I swear I have spent HOURS of my life soaking, combing, rinsing, etc in a desperate attempt to clear them out. I'm SOOO over it!!!


  1. So glad to dodge the whole head lice thing so far. One of the benefits of not socialising often.

    It sounds like you had a good week. At least you understand edu-speak and know how to translate normal life for the education system. I am still too busy living our lives to start trying to break our activities down in to edu-speak topics. :)

    That is what it is like having a 3 year old in the house, a whole different ball game.

    Love to hear about your fun,
    Jen in NSW

  2. Sounds like a wonderful week of learning.

    If you find that balance, let me know. I am forever struggling with a finding a balance that suits us all.

    Headlice: When my girls were little we had a huge problem with three lots of long hair and they all went to school. I ended up giving up on standard chemicals etc and started using Pears Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner (I think they still sell it in Priceline) . You put the conditioner in their hair while the hair is dry. Leave for a few minutes then pop them in the bath with some toys and start combing with a steel fine tooth comb (plastic does not work). I kept a small bucket of warm water next to me to rinse the comb with each stroke. They come off easily, and they hate lavender so will generally avoid crawling into hair that smells like it. Worked wonders for my youngest girl who was a serial hugger! Of course you need to do it daily for about 3 days if infested already. Use the shampoo and conditioner regularly and you should not have a problem. Alternatively add some lavender oil to water and spray on hair before socialising.

  3. @ Jen - eduspeak is something I can do well (too well?). Must be about the only benefit of being a teacher!

    @ Karisma - thank you! I will give that a go. I'm going to send her out wearing a swimming cap if it keeps up!

  4. @ Ingi - Yes, I remember Mum combing brown vinegar through my hair when I had lice (and telling me to keep away from CL when I got back to school, because she was a grot)

  5. And I do remember you taking that pic though VB was standing up on tippy toes at the time (otherwise he wouldn't be quite as tall as me) :P


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