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The Homeschool Mother's Journal - 21

In my life this week:
I have been painting! Not the fun arty painting, but re-painting our bedroom. Actually, I haven't even started painting yet, I've just been doing the prep work of filling and sanding. And trying to choose paint colours! Our bedroom is tiny and I want to repaint in a neutral "white", which means I choose from "white" to "cream" to "sand". Not easy!

It has gone from bone chilling winter to a burst of summer-like warm! Yesterday it was at least 25 degrees (celcius) although my car said it got up to 33 degrees - that's crazy warm for August!

In our homeschool this week:
Lots of lovely snuggling up on the couch reading Anne of Green Gables! How we cried when Matthew died - all three of us sniffling and my voice cracking up.

Lots of maths! See my post on differentiation to see how I'm changing the way we've been doing things - hopefully everyone will be happy and learning at their level.

The beautiful weather meant we really couldn't stay inside all day! So we got out on the trampoline, practising our bouncing, catching and throwing skills (and listening to instructions).

And then we just had to go to the beach - we talked about habitats, niches, adaptations and tidal zones. Wombat Girl built a sun-dial!

Video Boy on a "drop stone"
where glaciers dropped their load into the mud below

We have Hooded Plovers on our beach!


Mum, can we go back and get our swimmers?

Permian fossils from when Australia was located on the South Pole

Places we're going, people we're seeing:
On our walk to the beach, we spotted a mobile dog wash. Wombat Girl pipes up "can we go say hello?" and just as I was about to answer "no, leave him alone" I remembered Helena's post about the beauty of saying "yes!". And so we did go say hello. What  a lovely man and a beautiful dog! He has just started up his business and we enjoyed some time talking about dog breeds, grooming and business. Glad we said "yes" - thank you Helena!

My brother came to visit and we had a lovely evening playing Rory's Story Cubes

What story would you create from these?

I am inspired by:
Vickie at Demand EUPHORIA -  lots of lovely words about unconditional parenting and unschooling - inspiring stuff!

What's working for us:
Reading more, talking more, playing more, exploring more. Not all our schooling needs to be "bookwork".

I'm reading:
Joanne Harris' collection of short stories "Jigs and Reels" - really enjoying the short story format!

Photo, video or link to share:
Prof. Brian Cox...Wonders of the Universe (Gravity):


  1. Thank you, and you're welcome, Ingi! What an excellent adventure you had. I just love the places we go (and others too!) when we (and they!) say Yes. :)

    I love your beach pics, and that sundial is glorious. Hasn't the weather been scrumptiously lovely?

    I really enjoy coming here, Ingi. What I love about your words are they are so reflective, so thoughtful and…so infectious! All your ideas and links make me just buzz; I want to investigate right away—see more, feel more, learn more. I can't wait to click on all these links!

    And I can't wait to see what adventures you go on next :)

  2. Thanks Helena (gee, we have a real mutual appreciation thing going on here, don't we!). That Taking Flight post stayed with me and I find myself saying "yes" (especially to my girl) much more often, even though it is not the easier option. It brings so many more rewards!

    It has been such a beautiful week weather-wise - all the more because it came out of nowhere! Glad I could be infectious - must read my own posts when I'm feeling down :-)

  3. Love your pictures, and we love Anne of Green Gables here too! I'm reading Anne of Avonlea right now!


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