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Yesterday I received some really sad news. The kind of news that stops you in your tracks of the everyday and makes you really think about life in a more profound way than a birthday does.

A friend I went to university with lost her daughter to a brain tumour. She was only 12. The same age as Video Boy. As a parent, you just can't comprehend the loss of your child. The thought of what my friend is going through is indescribable.

And you know, I can't help wondering what the point of it all is. I know a lot of readers identify as Christians. I was raised a Catholic, but as I get older I must admit to tending the other way in my beliefs. But I think, no matter what the religious ideals, the take-home message is about living a good life. Treating others with kindness and embracing the differences, for those are all gifts. Living your life with meaning and passion and making some kind of difference - a positive difference. Choosing the difficult path less taken if it means you can achieve some the above.

Having got to 42, I have now experienced the birth of my own children and the birth of friends and relatives children. It also means I have experienced the death of friends, relatives, work colleagues, acquaintances, for that is the way of the world. The truth is, none of us know how long we are on the planet for. The accumulation of "stuff" doesn't matter in the end. The accumulation of life experiences and making an impact on other's lives does.

I stumbled across this video whilst looking at other homeschooling/education things. It resonated with me on a day that otherwise could make you wonder "what's the point?".

Go hug your kids (or significant others). Tell them you love them unconditionally and just for today, accept them for who they are, not what you want them to be. Live your day with passion and if you get the chance in amongst all the "busy", take a look around at the beauty in the world and focus on the good and the lucky things in your life.


  1. This is very powerful, Ingi. Your message, the music, Steve's talk. Every. Single. Thing. about this post is important. And I agree, with ALL my heart.

    I am so sorry about your news. And SO thankful for, and lifted by, your message.

  2. Thank you so much Helena. It's nice to know I'm not just rambling on and that words and pictures and music can also make a difference.

  3. I so agree with Helena (sorry, I don't know you, hi, ingrid's bother!) that perhaps it's culture and not religion that brings us solace, meaning and elevates us to higher human beings. I'm not being anti-religious here, I have no need to, I don't consider myself a Catholic, although I still go to any relevant ceremony and this is my sign of respect.

    And like Ingrid I wonder (frequently these days which frightens me a little) about why we bother, what is the point. So I do believe in the concept of spirituality, just perhaps not the rites and rules of a religion. As I don't have kids, and don't plan to (it was a regular discussion, froght with so many issues), I wonder about regret of the past, and fear of the future. Ingrid, you have that and every right to be so joyous.

    So maybe culture and my investment and participation in the arts has been a solice, inspirer, consoler and friend. My experiences with books, movies, TV, and especially records, concerts, plays & performances have woven themselves into my life, wrapping around my family, friends and life partner. They have educated me, made me think, helped me not to think, changed my emotion under my control and also without. They have been familiar and shocked and surprised me. I've been inspired to repeat, perform, quote, learn and create.

    That's why my life has meaning.

    Love you Ingi.

  4. I'm crying now Damon. Love you too.

  5. You know what I love about blogging? That someone takes a bit of my words (or all of them) and gets it. Or they take a bit of my words (or pictures or videos) and they relate. That someone can can read the words and it starts the brain cells up, starts the emotions flowing.

    I love sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, but I also love your contributions, your thoughts. That's pretty cool.

  6. Ah bless ya cotton socks!

    I know what you mean. I don't understand the whole oversharing thing that Twitter, and maybe Facebook encourage, indeed my FB 'thought' on my profile says "Facebook is what you make of it". So the choice is yours as to what these tools should do, and the good that can come from them.

    But I've recently started to read a few select blogs. It's always good if someone has a) something to share, b) can articulate and doesn't pontificate, and c) the blog has some sort of subject platform to keep the ramblings down. I don't have (c) so I guess I'll just make an appearance on here (LOL)!

    Sorry about the hijack and the tangents!

    253 visitors from 19 countries! Nice audience!

    God bless vinyl!


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