Today we....


...watched DVDs

...drank hot chocolate

...played board games new fish

...created with modelling clay

...went for a walk

Did someone say "walk"?

...and saw dolphins!

oh. wait. it's a surfer...

Today we let the light in....


  1. Spectacular photos! I want to move to your place... The surf looks amazing! Is the Apples to Apples game good??? I just ordered a few games for my kids, but Apples was out of stock...

  2. Thanks April - I also spent the day playing with my "new" camera! Come on down - the water's fine (errr, cold!).

    Apples to Apples (Junior) is a great game (my cyber friend Jane sent it) and would be heaps of fun with lots of people.

  3. Beautiful day. Now I want hot chocolate . . . and a dog! :)

  4. ". . . and a dog!" He, he, he! Today is cold and cloudy - I'm glad we got out yesterday!

  5. Ingi, where'd my comment go?? I left it right here, in this space, this morning and now it's gone. It must have been swallowed by the blog goblins. Poo.

    I said, and let's see if I can remember:

    You just had my perfect day :) Hot chocolates! Wanderings! Ocean! Togetherness! YUM.

    Those aren't the words exactly, but the spirit of it's the same. Lovely to see all that light!

  6. What a beautiful day. Your kids are gorgeous. I love your blog! Thanks so much for reminding me of FBDO. Cheers

  7. Hi there! I love the clay work. My daughter is also a wizard with clay statues. I'm always so impressed because I don't think in 3D like that the way our kids do.

    I finally figured out that the stylesheet that I use for my blog was suppressing the top navbar with the follow me button and worked out how to turn it back on again. The followers widgit now only lets people sign up with Google+, grrh.

    I love your blog's style, btw. It's so beautiful and it fits with your blog's name and theme so well.

  8. Fun, fun. Love the pictures. I'm glad you like the game. It always makes us laugh.


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