My old man...

Today is two years since my Dad died. While I miss him a lot, he was quite sick by the end and had enough of this mortal coil and, I think, was pretty happy to meet his maker.

...thinking about my Dad...he taught me so much.

He taught me to take things as they come. That you have to work your way through the bad to get to the good.

He taught me to appreciate the finer things in life - music, singing, wine, food, staring at the clouds, holding your child's hand.

He taught me "never trust a man who says trust me" (he had a few good ones like that!).

He taught me the value of education, learning, reading and exploring.

He taught me how to swim!

He taught me the value of family.

He taught me it's OK to cry and brilliant to laugh and that a good cuddle can make most things feel better.

Those things will stay with me for the rest of my life and hopefully I can pass them onto my kids too.

What was the most important thing your dad taught you? Or what would you really like to teach your kids?

My Dad loved this song (amongst others!). If he got really drunk, he would love to embarrass his kids and sing it out loud - he had a wonderful voice and I'm sad that I ever told him to stop singing. I wanted to share it with you...


  1. My parents and inlaws are still living and for that I am fortunate. Grandpa just died in 2009 and I remember every one of my great-grandparents. We breed young.

    Bill, my second Dad, is a crusty, grumpy guy but I love him. Because of him, I have a thicker skin and have learned that underneath a rough veneer, can lurk a teddy bear.

    Dad is the picture of patience, generosity and kindness. I could only hope to reach his level.

    I'm glad you have warm memories of your father and grieve for those whose fathers were not a part of their lives or who passed too early.


    You might be interested in reading this (I quoted you, but also gave you due credit).

    Night Owl


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