Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Writing a Learning Plan - my new book!!!

Today is a very exciting day for me! I have written (yanno, in my spare time!) and now published a little "how to" guide for Aussie homeschoolers who need to write a Learning Plan as part of their registration process.


I've found through spending time on Facebook homeschooling pages and from answering calls from new homeschoolers that the one thing new homeschoolers freak out about is having to write a Learning Plan as part of their registration. This is where we turn the State/Federal mandated syllabus (or they call it Curriculum here) into a meaningful plan of what we are going to teach our kids when we homeschool them. But Syllabi are created by teachers for teachers! Us "normal" mums and dads can get lost in a sea of educational jargon and outcomes and content. 

So I wrote a book to help them. Just like that! A book to walk new homeschoolers step-by-step through the minefield of jargon and feel confident that they can create a Learning Plan for their children that is meaningful and helpful. Good idea, huh?

It is published by our local, but super-enthusiastic and supportive people at Harbour Publishing. It's an e-book at this stage and very reasonably priced for all the wonderful information and help found in it ;-)

Click here to go check it out (and if you think it will help, please don't feel backward in purchasing it!).


  1. How cool is that!?! And what a great way to give to the home schooling community.

    1. Way cool! And yes, I have skills to offer!

  2. Congratulations! That's fantastic!


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