Putting the pieces together

I love jigsaw puzzles! Wombat Girl got a Wasgij (jigsaw spelt backwards, just in case you were wondering) for her birthday about a month back, and so after the cruise, it was a perfect time to get it out...

I got the fun job of flipping all the pieces over!

The tricky bit with Wasjig, is that the picture on the box is NOT the picture you have to build!! No...that would be too easy! In our case, the original picture of a street scene set about 100 years ago has been updated! They provide you with some clues to get you started, and some of the colours and buildings match,  but basically you just have to guess!

One of the first clues we had that Wombat Girl was gifted was her uncanny knack of putting jigsaw puzzles together. The preschool teachers were amazed at her ability to magically see where the pieces go. Things haven't changed much...

Sorry about the blurries...

The finished product!

So, we (well, mostly I) managed to kill quite a few hours completing this jigsaw! I can think of almost nothing better I'd like to do than helping my girl search for pieces of a puzzle - sure beats ironing!


  1. I love this! Note to self must get a Wasgij. My youngest(6)is the same way with puzzles (love the look on your daughters face btw :))

    My grandmother always had a puzzle going on a card table. You could never walk by it without adding a piece. I've been wanting to start this tradition with the girls. We would always try to find the most unique puzzle to give her every Christmas, this would have been perfect.

  2. Funny, of my 4 only the oldest was really into jigsaw puzzles. He enjoyed the mystery puzzles also.

    My grandmother enjoyed the big 2000+ piece puzzles and would wile away the winter putting them together and getting them framed once they were done.


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