Quantum physics in our PJs!

One (of the many) things I love about homeschooling is that we are not necessarily tied to State-directed curriculum. We can follow our interests and largely disregard "Grades". We are also not tied to someone else's idea of what learning should "look" like.

You may recall our interest in dimensions - Flatland, Klein bottles and thinking in 4D. Well, I stumbled across Minute Physic's YouTube video on What is a dimension?

So, of course, I called the kids over, and they watched this and all the others on their playlist. Sometimes, like the Infinity one, they watched over and over until they "got" the concept. And all in their pyjamas (eating watermelon for breakfast)!

I particularly enjoyed the one on gravity, so after watching that, we watched The Universe - Gravity, which was pitched just at the right level for us

and then Wombat Girl watched Bill Nye's take on gravity:

Video Boy and I then looked at the physics booklet we have been working through and compiled a mind-map trying to piece together what we knew about waves:

The great thing about mind-mapping using software is that as we learn more and our ideas change, we can edit, change, add to and update our mind-map to reflect that. 

For those who prefer a little more structure to their days, and for my mum, you will be glad to know that we did, in fact get out of our pj's and get dressed during the day and carried on our learning!


  1. Doesn't bother me if you wanna stay in your pj's all day!! :)

  2. Haha! I so love that last bit. We went through a few months there where the boys pretty much refused to get out of pj's or tracky dacks all day. Their father ended up putting his foot down and insisted that we were being far too lazy and they must get dressed! DS1's answer to this was to sleep in his clothes! Oh dear!

    Thanks for sharing these links, we will check them out when everyone wakes up. One child today seems to be in need of extra sleep, the other one has engrossed himself in facebook playing Maplestory Adventures. Hugs xox

  3. @ Steph - cool!

    @ karisma - our DH gets a bit upset when we stay in our jammies too long. But I figure we have a year's grace up our sleeves after rising at 6am every day last year to commute to school. It's so nice if they need extra sleep (especially coming into those teenage years) they can have it :-)


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