Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time for a change

A little while back, I wrote about wanting to change my job situation. I'd had enough of being a travel agent. I mean, we wanted to move to Canberra, I applied for lots of jobs and I got that one. Actually, I applied to work in Cruising, but ended up in a normal travel agency. And so (because I am a good girl), I said to myself "I will give this 6-9 months and see how it goes". Note to self: if you are already giving yourself a timeframe, be wary - trust your instincts - run now.

Anyway, I did give it 12 months, and I was successful at it. I could sell travel! I was in the top-20 sellers for P&O cruises for Australia. I was the top novice for our area (for novice travel agents in their first 12 months, I sold more than anyone else). I was top selling novice travel agent for the whole of our brand in the whole of Australia in March.

I was miserable.

I was mentally and physically very unhealthy.

I said to Hubby this morning (who noted what a good mood I was in and wanted to know what drugs I was taking) that I have been in a bad mood for the last 12 months! Just because I can sell travel, doesn't mean I want to.

The hours were long. The pay was CRAP (even if you do well). I was over trying to sell, sell, sell. I didn't fit in. I'm really not a details person - I can do it 90%, but the minute details? Don't care. And that's kind of not OK if you are trying to fly people all around the world.

So, I've been applying and applying and writing lengthy job applications addressing many, many selection criteria. And I've had interviews.

And I have a new job!

I'm going to be a Program Manager as part of Inspiring Australia! Their role is to ensure:

  • Australians are inspired by and value scientific endeavour
  • Australia attracts increasing national and international interest in its science
  • Australians critically engage with key scientific issues
  • Young Australians are encouraged to pursue scientific studies and careers

I will be working on:
  • National Science Week
  • Engaging young adults through live science and entrepreneurship events
  • Introducing students in Years 10-12 to the range of STEM careers and
  • Developing and coordinating science tourism in the ACT
Pretty cool, huh??

Bonus! It's only 3 days a week and I get paid a fair bit more than I was working (more than) full-time in travel!

Extra bonus! A while back I applied to CSIRO Discovery for a role and I came second (boo). But they rang me and would like to know if I'd be available for a bit of casual work, running workshops for schools! I do my first workshops next week.

I can't tell you how happy I am. Such exciting work to look forward. Work that I'm well suited to, work that is interesting, work that makes a difference.

And balance. Balance to look after me. Balance to look after my family. Time to do that self-care thing that everyone keeps banging on about...

So, another big change! I'm having a couple of weeks off to catch my breath, and do fun stuff like last year's tax, pap smears and take the dog to the vet to get the cyst on his neck fixed up. 

But also to enjoy the glory of Canberra in Autumn. We went for a walk the last weekend up Mount Taylor. Why my husband insists on dragging his very overweight wife up MOUNTAINS is beyond me. But I made it. And I suppose it was worth it ;-)

I feel like I can breath out again now. A change is in the air, and not before time.

Is autumn pretty where you live? We are loving the seasons in Canberra!
Need a hand with resume writing and job applications?
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  1. That's fantastic, Ingi! The new job part, that is, not the part where you were having a miserable time, that sucked. I hope it's loads of fun and satisfaction!

  2. Glad to know you got work that is useful and interesting to you. Not nice to just slog away at a job you don't really enjoy.

    I miss Autumn colours. We are in Qld again and autumn is just not the same without crunchy leaves and flames of colour everywhere.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Qld


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