Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Compulsory New Year Navel-Gazing Post

And hello 2014!!

Here already? I swear time is moving faster the older I get!

And it's the time of year to take stock, have a look back and a ponder forward.

Did 2013 go the way I wanted it to, 12 months ago? I know I very nearly stopped blogging, but I'm glad I've pulled myself together and got back into it. What else?

I wanted to work less, homeschool more. Um. Fail. I had a few weeks where I achieved that, but in general, between my two casual jobs, I did more than my fair share of paid work. Not to say we didn't homeschool, but the kids morphed into a more "independent" mode of study.

I wanted to keep on track with my health (this time last year I had lost 6kg and was running 3-4 times a week). I dreamt of a half-marathon in 2013. Haha-ba-ha! Well, I achieved a 10km race in February and then....nothing. Put all my weight back on (and then some) and I'm lucky if I do a 3km walk.

I look so happy about having to work out again, don't I??

I DID achieve the goal of going on a decent, relaxing holiday - of a lifetime! Our epic cruise to China is definitely my highlight of 2013 and the inspiration for more travel (I'll ignore the getting sick part).

A year ago, we had some potential big changes in our home/work situation, but they didn't eventuate. I continued to juggle rangering, librarying/visitor centering, volunteering and home/school. Now I'm just very tired.

What do I want for the year ahead?
  • I'm hanging for another holiday. I really want to go on a cruise to Japan, but money and time are a bit of an issue. Failing that, I'll take whatever I can get!
  • I really need to back on the health bandwagon, because all my clothes aren't fitting any more and yanno, all that boring health stuff (high blood pressure, risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, blah, blah).
  • I'm pretty happy with my relationships with my kids and my hubby - not perfect, but we do pretty good considering the stress I put me under sometimes; it's a wonder I'm not more shouty.
  • I want to offload some things I took on (with good intentions) that are causing me stress and not really adding to my life.
  • I'd really like to spend a bit of time doing things I enjoy, just because. Life at the moment feels like putting everyone else first (I don't count the exercise/eating well thing, because that is hard work for me too) and it would be nice to switch it around a bit.
I might do another post outlining our main homeschool plans - we are heading into the pointy end of high school, and I have a few changes in mind.

Thank you to all my loyal readers (especially those who aren't related to me - great job sticking with me) and here's to a bit of a brighter 2014!

How did 2013 treat you? 
Glad to see the back of it or sad to see it go?
What's the one big thing you are looking forward to in 2014?


  1. Really hoping you can offload and find your balance again!! Well end of 2013 bought a baby here so that is hard to beat!:):) 2014 will be the year of the great academics, it really needs to be, the last year for another child, so much I still want to impart. and others really need to step up the pace drastically.

    1. Erin, I am NOT EVEN going to try to emulate you in the baby-stakes! Bring on the academics!

  2. The ONLY thing I am looking forward to this year IS the homeschooling part. At least it is fun :-)

    1. One of my biggest challenges will be keeping the fun in our homeschool and not get too academic and booky.

  3. Have I mentioned before how refreshingly different I find the way you write, Ingi? Oh yes maybe once or twice! ;-) There's so much sameness in the blogosphere - thank you for being one place I can come for a breath of fresh air!
    Here's to a 2014 filled with things you enjoy! (and while I'm here, I think I was still a lurker when you posted about the cruise so I'll take this chance to say how much I loved reading about it. The one where you showed how hot it was did make me laugh especially. Maybe you could raise cruise cash by selling your travel writing? Oh ok maybe you don't need another job!)

    1. Oh Lucindale! You can tell me I write well any time you feel like it - you totally made my day, week, year! I must have missed your other compliments (or I had my head up my bottom). I would love to make money from my blog writing - if I do it anyway... But not if it's more work on top of everything else!

    2. Auto correct on my phone - Lucinda!


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