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Peeking out from behind the clouds...

So...I've been a bit quiet; on a bit of a hiatus.

I've been feeling the need to be a bit insular. I haven't even been thinking "oh, I should blog about that!"

Then I read this - 16 ways to get super-excited about your blog again. No. 1 was take a break. Too easy.

No. 2 was to ask yourself why you started blogging in the first place. And today I read Erin's post about the Challenges of Blogging. And it got me thinking. Thinking enough to put fingers to keyboard.

My first blog post was a contribution to The Homeschool Mother's Journal, originally at the now-defunct The Homeschool Chick, as a way of recording what we've been doing for home schooling. I wonder how many of those early followers are still reading? Hello and big cudos to you, if you are! I then started to branch out with my own posts and eventually ditched the Homeschool Mother's Journal entries, because they felt simultaneously too onerous and too restrictive.

If I go look at my stats (which I don't often), I can get nearly 300 page views in a day - without even posting anything new!!! Huh! Someone out there is reading my stuff. Hi!!!

Mostly my blog is about homeschooling - what learning my kids and I do. As they are getting older and into the teen years, they are more sensitive to me putting their faces, their stories up for THE WHOLE WORLD to read. So I need to bear that in mind, respect that, whilst also knowing that our story, the things we do, the way we homeschool inspires and helps other people. That's pretty cool.

I've recently also been blogging and interacting a little more in the gifted world, particularly the wonderful people at Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, because if other people are going to "get" me, it will be other people blogging about homeschooling gifted (and twice-exceptional) kids.

I diverge into cooking and the occasional (well, one) fashion blogpost (my second most popular post ever). I love keeping it real - showing the warts and all. Call it over-sharing if you will, but the minutiae of life is what glues us together.

I know a few of you LOVE my travel posts, when we venture out into the real world (or at least go on a cruise). For some unknown reason, my most popular post ever was our 2nd day in Hong Kong - go figure. Must be some weird Google phenomenon.

The blogs I love to read are the ones that let me peek into their lives - not just their homeschooling (and sometimes not even any homeschooling). That make me laugh, cry, yell "oh yes! me too!" at my computer/phone screen. Which is why it feels weird that part of the reason I feel hesitant about blogging lately is because I kinda have to put my self out there. Out there for people to comment on (even if they don't type those comments in the comments section). And if I'm feeling fragile (and I have of late), I don't know if I want to even imagine that. I know I don't want to be "famous" - there's no way I think I actually would like to be a Woogsworld or blog for an income.

So I think I will just write a bit.

I'll probably never write my novel (although I did write a helpful book!), so this blog is kind of like my writing exercises...that I share with anyone who cares to read them. Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes it will be useful (I have a few of those posts in draft form), sometimes it might even be a bit sad. But it will always be me, in all my imperfect, paranoid, effusive, over-enthusiastic glory. That would be OK, wouldn't it?


  1. I'm finding I have to be very strict on myself about how much I give away on my blog but at the same time it's kind of a relief! My last blog (which I nuked) was quite heavy on the 2e stuff and I've decided not to include that on my blog now. Now it's more of a 'general homeschooly' blog because I started off as a food blog but I do want to present homeschooling as we experience it so very much a "this is a peek in to our lives". I'll have to check out your cruise posts, Husband is NAGGGGGGGING me non stop to go on a cruise but I get motion sickness sitting on a ferry that isn't going anywhere and I'm all "why spend all those hours on a ship when we can catch a plane and spend more time exploring a place", but Husband says "yeah but it's also about the ship itself". I'm not convinced...

    Also if Erin happens to read this, Erin I left a comment on your blog just before but deleted it because it didn't allow me to use my Wordpress details and I didn't want to publish my Google details (I didn't realise I had submitted my comment with my google account name!)

    1. It's not easy, is it, to get the balance right?

      Re: cruising - I have two words for you: Sea Legs. Order from the net from NZ. Da bomb, I tell you!

  2. "But it will always be me, in all my imperfect, paranoid, effusive, over-enthusiastic glory. That would be OK, wouldn't it?"

    That would be great. And a toast right back atcha.

    There have been a few blogs I've followed through the years and nearly all have shut down. I have a personal name for it - exposure overload. Or maybe it's just my presence.

    Personally I could not do it. Facebook gives me the heebie-jeebies, though as the boys get older I may have to open an account again. But to you and those who brave the cyber world, kudos.

    1. I don't think it's you, Jane! I'll keep being brave - as brave as I can!

  3. The blogs I love to read are the ones that let me peek into their lives - not just their homeschooling (and sometimes not even any homeschooling). That make me laugh, cry, yell "oh yes! me too!" at my computer/phone screen.

    Thats is exactly how I feel with your blog and that's why I love it when I spot a Defying Gravity email in my account. I know it will be something I will enjoy reading and not just another posting churned out to fill a daily quota! :)

    1. You know, the fact that there are 4 or 5 people out there who I KNOW love reading my blog might be all I need to keep on going :-) Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Ingi
    Honoured to have inspired you. well I call your blog a 'slice of life' blog, my favourite because you already do write on a variety of topics. As our children become older we do write less about their homeschooling, partly because of respect for their privacy and particularly because lets face it post after post of sitting in front of a computer etc isn't as exciting as a craft post.

    Thanks for the link to the 16 ways off to read it:)

    1. Well yes - our homeschool days (particularly on weeks I'm working a lot) aren't particularly thrilling. I can't imagine week after week of "did more Khan Academy!" I do have a couple of drafts not really ready to go, so you do have something to look forward to!

  5. "But it will always be me, in all my imperfect, paranoid, effusive, over-enthusiastic glory. That would be OK, wouldn't it?"

    Yes, yes, yes! I love the little bits of your life that you share here, however often that may be.

    I'm feeling a bit blah lately about my blog, but I still like chronicling our days and weeks there when I'm in the mood, so this all makes perfect sense to me :)

    1. Yeah - blah. That's how I've been feeling lately. Glad I make sense to someone!!

  6. Cheers right back at you.

    Oh and yes I love your "imperfect, paranoid, effusive, over-enthusiastic glory". :)

  7. Welcome back! I recently discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading more.


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