Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Day "Off"

Don't know about you, but I've had a really busy few weeks. Meetings, driving, working, helping, volunteering, deadlines, business and oh yeah, homeschooling. Feeling a bit "under the pump" as a friend observed.

So yesterday, with most unfinished business finished, nothing on the calendar and a whole day at home planned, I switched off digitally (well, ok, I may have had a quick sneak peek at my phone), ditched the "homeschool" and just enjoyed being with my kids.

We snuggled on the lounge.

We played Blokus. And Set.

We got our geek on and watched documentaries.

Some of us couldn't resist the brand new game just purchased.

Some of us played with numbers (yanno, just for fun).

Converting to hexadecimal, if you wanted to know...

Some of us just hung around and got a few extra cuddles.

I cooked. We ate.

It was a day off, but I switched back on. Recharged my batteries. We learnt. We loved.

That's a good day!


  1. A scrumptious day! Makes me want to sit home on a cold day by the heater while the children happily learn and go about their projects and I write my book and we talk about things and be creative and eat yummy food and cuddle a cat. Wait…that's exactly what we're doing! How lovely to find a friend doing that too :)

    Except now I want us all to sit and watch those documentaries!! I've just set the first one up and the minute the kids are free, we'll hit Play.

    Which gets me to thinking…do you have a list of documentaries you especially love? Have you already written about this in a blog post that I missed while I was off doing something Else? If not, oh, please, pretty please, could you do a Special Requested Post of Ingi's Doco Picks?! There's a good chance you'd change our lives, if you did that :) Or at least, mightily enhance them!

    Hope today is treating you as sweetly as yesterday, my friend!

    1. Twas scrumptious! And today is looking much the same! Doco Picks? Yep - I could do that :-)

  2. Sounds like a great day! I love how much you guys get into your board games. We like them too, but too often forget they're around. I need to fit them into our weekly somehow.

    1. I say "not now" more often than OK and I often feel we should "plan" them into our schedule, but never get around to it, so don't feel too guilt :-)

  3. Looks like a perfect way to recharge! And I second Helena. I would totally be up for Ingi's Doco Picks, too ;)

  4. Sounds like my kinda day :-)

    We got Blokkus recently after reading about it a lot online. Do you have to control 2 colours each for it to be interesting?

    1. Love Blokus. Yes - you have to use all 4 colours or otherwise it's too easy. Maybe with little kids, but with my girl - you can't give her an inch or she'll whoop your butt faster than lightning! Don't tell her, but I bought Blokus 3D for her upcoming birthday :-)

  5. Doco picks, doco picks!! :)

    Alright read you are working on it, great!

    I love the picture around the table. I really like shots like those they seem more real to me.

    1. ...getting there...I would like to add it is Hubby drinking the red wine, not 14 year old Video Boy!


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