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Random Monday

I have a good homeschooley post nearly ready to go, but because it's actually not ready to go, here is Random Monday (linking in with the very Fabulous Deb, from Not Inadequate).
  • I have an infestation of freaking evil little pantry weevils. At least I think that is what they are after extensive research Googling. I've had them before and one minute all is hunky dory in pantry land and the next - population explosion of little brown bugs. Gross. And the only way to get rid of them is to empty out the entire pantry (and the rest of my kitchen because they are EVERYWHERE) and vaccum and disinfect. Sigh. I've got important things to do - like watch My Kitchen Rules, not spend hours in the kitchen cleaning!
Evil little blighters!
  • I have just run my first 10km fun run! OK, so I came 156th out of 160 finishers, but at least I wasn't a DNF and I wasn't DFL. It was about 24C, but over 90% humidity - steamy!!!! I ran nearly the whole way. I have also lost 10kg in the last 4 months! I still have a few more to lose, but I'm feeling (and looking) much healthier! Check out my other blog for all the gory details (and pics of me in the nearly nude!)
Before the start - wondering what on earth possessed me to enter

  • There are just 18 days until we board the Diamond Princess for our cruise to China. I am just hoping like mad that the maintenance crew get paid better than those on the Carnival Triumph, because I didn't pay all that money to go camping.
At least they have a water slide!

  • I work for NSW National Parks and Wildlife (not very often, but I love it). The NSW Government in their infinite wisdom and desperate need to stay in government, has done a deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party to allow shooting and children as young as 12 to launch bows and arrows at wildlife feral animals. WTF??? Not happy Barry O'Farrell (NSW Premier).

  • I have a "new" laptop (Hubby's "old" one - newer and faster than mine is now mine after he got himself some new-fangled Windows 8 tablet thingy that docks into his big screen). However, Windows 7 is giving me headaches with it's Easy Transfer software. I was all excited because it could transfer all my digital baggage (over 300GB) via the home network. Downside? I left it all day today and it only had done about 15% and reported it still had over 6 days to finish. Umm. I don't think so. So tonight, after finishing up vitally important blog posts, I'm going to try a USB transfer cable. Wish me a speedy moving of virtual house!
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  1. Ingi, you are smoking! Looking good, chickie!

    (I could have done without the bug pics though. Gross, man.)

  2. So I wonder if those critters are your version of our ants?

    Wow you look great! I hope to have pictures like that to post soon. :)

    I can't wait to read about China we loved your New Zealand posts!!

    1. Okay after reading about weevils I see they are nothing like ants. :) My grandma kept a bay leaf in her flour I bet this was why.


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