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What my kids think about me!

Inspired by Deb at Not Inadequate, I asked my kids these questions (separately). Kind of nice knowing what they think as I depart for several weeks...

My son, Video Boy is 12 (and spent an inordinate amount of time saying "ummmm" when answering the questions - I'll edit for you) and my daughter, Wombat Girl is 11. My comments are in italics :-)

What is something I always say to you?
Come on! 

What makes me happy?
Ummm...I'm not taking a while because I think that nothing makes you jokes?
Ummm...Twilight? The girl knows me well ;-)

What makes me upset?
Wombat Girl making a mess all over the house!
Being yelled at by Daddy - when he tells you to do stuff

What do you and I do together?
Can we pass that?
You teach me, we watch movies (especially ones Video Boy and Daddy aren't big fans of), we read together, and play board games! And we talk - I like talking with you. And we play Draw Something together!

How old am I?
Damn - both right!

How tall am I?
I have no idea! A bit taller than me - but only just.
No idea whatsoever
They are both catching up to me so fast!

What do I do when you guys aren't here?
Watch Glee!
Watch things on TV that you like for a change? Or do blogging or Facebook or Bejewelled Blitz
Guilty pleasures!!

What am I good at?
Ummm....quite a lot of! Although from my perspective you cook too much Sticky Chicken and too much fish
Bejewelled Blitz and you're quite a good writer (your blog is proof of that) - you're quite good at running!

What am I not good at?
Video games
Nothing springs to mind...Oh! Ratchett and Clank!
OK - so I try, but not very successfully!

What is my job?
You teach homeschool, you also private tutor, not-so-private tutor and you also work at National Parks and you also do volunteer work for the fossil walks. Oh, you are also doing NAPLAN marking.
You do home education, you're a ranger, you do tutoring, you help Daddy in the shop.

How are we different?
Interests and hobbies.
Well, you're 42 and I'm 11. You're Gen X and I'm Gen Z. My favourite animal is wombats and I don't know what yours is. My favourite colour is orange and yours is green (I think orange and green go quite well together, don't you?). You're married and I'm not definitely.  I'm a bit more energetic!

How are we the same?
I can only think of reasons we are different! We both have (or in your case, had) bad eyesight
Probably our blood type, I'd say! Our eyes - started brown and turning green, we're both girls and we're both alive!

What do you think I was like as a little girl?
To be honest I have no idea!
I don't know - you don't really imagine your mum as a little girl much!
It would appear I've always been middle-aged...

How do I make you laugh?
I don't know...
Just the things you say - it's an "in the moment thing"

What is my favourite thing to do?
I don't know...
You like to snuggle up with us on the lounge and then fall asleep during a movie. You like to go running with the dog.
I don't "like" to fall asleep during movies...I just do (particularly after a glass of wine and if I got up early to run).

If I become famous, what will it be for?
Not rude! I'm a fabulous singer!
Ummm....wait, you're going to become famous? Great! would be for lots of different things - your blog, for your Ranger skills, your teaching skills or you're a quite good singer too! That's my girl!

What is my favourite food?
I don't know, what is your favourite food? Soft-shelled crab? That would be close :-)
I have no idea!

What makes you proud of me?
All the work you do and homeschooling me, when you could be off doing something else. Guess he was listening when I said "I could be off doing something else you know, instead of putting up with this crap!" when we were having a rough morning...
I guess it's kind of your heart, you know? Awww...that makes me feel better about saying the above :-)

If I was a cartoon character, what would it be?
Depends on what sort of cartoon...not quite sure
Just you drawn cartoon style!

Where is my favourite place to go?
I have no idea!
You have a favourite place to go? Umm, you like running at the beach. You like the Wicked theatre - because there's Wicked playing there.

How do you know I love you?
................ poor Video Boy got quite upset at this question. Tears formed in his eyes and he got very emotional. He told me that there were so many ways it was overwhelming...sniff.
Because you love me! You take care of me and look after me and you help me with things - someone who didn't love me would do it a different way, more formal, you do it lovingly!


  1. Oh, I really like this! How sweet are your kids??? Such a great idea. Hhmmm, I wonder what my kids would say... ;)

    1. I'm glad they are (mostly) sweet too! And that's just what I wondered when I read Deb's post ;-)

  2. Hilarious! And Sweet! I particularly love the bit about how you cook too much fish.

    1. I cook "too much" fish on purpose, dear son! It's to keep you healthy and give you fish oil by stealth :-)

  3. Oh, that last one brought tears to me eyes.


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