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Is there anything better than a NEW PUPPY?

We've been mulling this over for a while.

It's a big decision, you know, to go again.

The sleepless nights. The early mornings. The interrupted sleep.

The toilet training, the chewing, the energy - so much energy!

But, Wombat Girl had been nagging. The cute pics of puppies kept turning up in my Facebook feed (not that I was cyber-stalking Cloudcatcher Labradoodles...much).

And one day...Wombat needed his forever home!

I mean, really! His name was Wombat! Look at that face! The answer was never going to be no! So all of a sudden, we found ourselves puppy-proofing our home and getting ready for puppy-joy! 
Wombat had to give up his home by the beach to come to the cold of Canberra, but I thought that maybe he would be OK with that - he was certainly fluffy enough! He is a medium cream fleece coat labradoodle (Max is a standard black wool coat, as a comparison).

 Now, poor Maxi-doodles has been an only-puppy for nearly 8 years. He's not well socialised. Some would call him hi…