Friday, June 03, 2016

Is there anything better than a NEW PUPPY?

We've been mulling this over for a while.

It's a big decision, you know, to go again.

The sleepless nights. The early mornings. The interrupted sleep.

The toilet training, the chewing, the energy - so much energy!

But, Wombat Girl had been nagging. The cute pics of puppies kept turning up in my Facebook feed (not that I was cyber-stalking Cloudcatcher Labradoodles...much).

And one day...Wombat needed his forever home!

I mean, really! His name was Wombat! Look at that face! The answer was never going to be no! So all of a sudden, we found ourselves puppy-proofing our home and getting ready for puppy-joy! 

Wombat had to give up his home by the beach to come to the cold of Canberra, but I thought that maybe he would be OK with that - he was certainly fluffy enough! He is a medium cream fleece coat labradoodle (Max is a standard black wool coat, as a comparison).

 Now, poor Maxi-doodles has been an only-puppy for nearly 8 years. He's not well socialised. Some would call him highly-strung. I knew from experience that after a bit he would settle down. But I admit to being a bit worried about how he would go with a new puppy. So I did what any good mum would do, I googled "introducing a new puppy to your older dog". Dr Google always knows what's best!

No idea what's about to hit him...
 On the day of Wombat's arrival it was HOT. Like nearly 40 degrees hot. I had to pick him up from the airport, but not the actual airport, like a hangar thing down the road from the airport...not near where I parked. Much walking in the heat was involved. Assumed he would have a collar and probably in a crate thing. Not so much. Naked! So here I was, carrying this ball of fluff around in my arms, along the road near Canberra airport. Trying to pay for parking with said ball of fluff in my arms. It was a tad a stressful.

Bit stressed. 
 But we got him home safe and sound. Could he BE any cuter????

Maximum cute.

He's so different from Max. Much less poodle, much more labrador. Chilled even. He lies on the floor with his back legs all splayed out behind him, which Max has never done.

Max was very unsure at first, but apart from a lead entanglement early on, they were very good with each other. We introduced them in neutral territory in the park next door. MUCH butt sniffing went on for the first few days. Max slowly began to accept there was another member of the pack and he was probably never going away.

I've been kept busy with gratuitous cute puppy shots...and the inevitable accidents. And the chewing. 

What? Me?

The two of them have gradually gotten closer, and mostly, where you find one, you find the other...


 So now we have two puppies! It feels like my pack is complete...but never say never...

How good are puppies?
Do you own dog(s)?
More gratuitous cute puppy shots?

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