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Around Canberra - The National Arboretum!

While my mum was here over the Christmas break, we decided to do a little more local sight-seeing. We had lunch at the local Club - the kids were most offended when the lady at the front desk offered them colouring in! Guess they are growing up :-) We then visited the National Arboretum. I had no idea when we first moved to Canberra that we had an Arboretum (or even, if I'm completely honest) what an arboretum was. I knew it was something to do with plants, but how is it different to a botanical gardens (which we also have here in Canberra). According to the website, an arboretum is a collection of living trees, cultivated for conservation, scientific, research, and education purposes. 

Ours is certainly very pretty and scenic:

It was opened in 2013, after the bushfires in 2003 that devastated much of the bushland around Canberra. There were four existing forest plantings - the Cork Oaks, native trees, Himalayan cedars and Monterey pines (which apparently are just radiata pines, Pin…