Saturday, March 17, 2018

Back again!

I'm back. Not back as in homeschooling blog back, but back, at least sporadically to write, muse, inform and become a famous internet influencer (all true except the last one).

I toyed with the idea of changing the blog title - something funnier, more hip, with it. But then, I thought "fuck it". Defying Gravity can mean anything and everything. And that's pretty much what you are going to get.

I'm going to write about:

  • family life, but without any identifying details;
  • whinging about things that shit me (and as I get older and more menopausal, if that's possible, more things shit me);
  • holidays (yay!) - there should be more of them;
  • my family tree - it's my new procrastinating hobby and whether you are interested or not, I'll be trying to write once a week about interesting bits of the now rather-extensive tree I have;
  • maybe some cool science things (let's not commit ourselves to too much here, Ingrid);
  • yet more attempts to lose weight and get fit, or alternatively, how good the wine and cheese at Aldi is;
  • random shit about my thoughts on the world - this could be politics or it could be observations on coffee.
Don't read if you don't like swearing. Do read if you like people who keep shit real.

Don't read if you are searching for useful, practical things, like how to fold fitted sheets and 5 ways to increase your productivity. Do read if you want to hear a middle-aged woman from Canberra having a rant about how much of a dickhead Dean from Married at First Sight is.

Sounds pretty exciting, hey? The point is to keep writing. I almost don't even care if noone reads. In fact, I like to think noone is, because then I can write whatever I want. Happy days!


  1. Good on you - I am really happy you have come back to the world of Blogger :)


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