Friday, May 06, 2016

Mother's Day Wishes...

Hey - guess what! It's Mother's Day on Sunday! Woot....

Two years ago, I got a good Mother's Day present - I had been living by myself in Canberra for about 6 weeks, mostly in motels and finally all my family were together again. No presents (or even a card) were given) and I guess that didn't matter. Because we were moving and it gets hard to get organised...especially if the three people doing the organising are hopeless at being organised!

I think I got pjs last year...because I love pjs! I know this, because when we moved two weeks ago, I had an ordinate amount of pjs for one woman. So, I think, go easy on the pjs this year.

Did I tell you we've moved? Into our shiny, new, OURS, villa/townhouse thingy.

You can bet I will be posting more pics from here!

The owners left the bookcases (and the damn encyclopedias!)

A bit of a downsize, but that is good, because it causes one to assess just how many pairs of pjs ones needs in their lives...and other clothes. And unused gym equipment. And all the unused stuff. So. Much. Stuff. And I'm never, never, moving again. Cyber slap me if I say I am, please!

So given I'm on a bit of an "anti-stuff" crusade (no more pjs! no more encyclopedias!), what does one get for a mother, so that said mother is still happy and appreciated?

  • Lunch/dinner out - I would love not to cook. And I love to eat nice food. Guess what does that? That's right, restaurants! Go and book one, stat. And no, you cooking at home is not the same thing, because I end up being asked how to do shit. This is not what I want to be doing on mother's day. I do enough of that shit the rest of the year.
  • A holiday - ok, on the extravagant end of the scale, but bloody hell, I would love to just be on a cruise ship or a resort with a restaurant, pool, cocktails and someone else to clean. For about 10 weeks, I think...
  • A cleaner - we stumped up and paid for a cleaner to clean the old house that we moved out of. Hubby was surprised it took 4 people 5 hours...yes, dear. It DOES take that much work! A regular cleaner around here would be bliss.
  • Wine - OK, technically, it is "stuff" but it's consumable stuff.
So the move has been full-on. And we have a garage worth of "stuff" to get rid of. Kids have been giving me grey hairs with mental health issues and we are working through them and finding new ways of school, but this all takes time and appointments and effort and...I'm tired. So what I would really love this Mother's Day is for all that stuff to magically disappear. Given that's not going to happen, I would love a bit of an escape - any of the dot points above work for me!

Darling offspring!

Happy Mother's Day!
What was the worst present you've ever gotten?
Have you ever gotten NOTHING?
What's the best present you've ever gotten?
Ever feel the urge just to run away?

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